Daredevil - Beauty

Recently I spent some time in the beautiful Catalan Pyrenees mountains. The beauty inspired me to paint and wonder of the history these mountains hold. Then in sharing with people about this vacation lead to conversations about creative outlets for myself. Which in turn lead to the creation of this blog project I am presenting now. I was creatively inspired by these beautiful Pyrenees mountains.


“…And I didn’t have to have eyesight to know I was looking at the most beautiful…in the world.” - Matt Murdock *

For some eyesight is very important. But for Daredevil eyesight is not needed. Matt Murdock blinded as a child, grew into the Man without Fear. He became the superhero Daredevil, using what he senses instead of his eyes. He senses that which he needs to see. Daredevil, will hear that which is negative, feel that which is false, smell that which is fearful, and taste that which is deceitful. But Daredevil can also look beyond the surface and sense the truth about people. Masks mean nothing to Daredevil. He senses the truth. For Matt Murdock beauty is not the physical surface beauty but the inner truth of ones soul.

The old cliché “beauty is only skin deep” is true. The true beauty in the world is not seen with our eyes but felt in our hearts. Watching a sunset is beautiful but it is not the visual beauty that is overwhelming. It is the inspiration that comes from the sunset. The budding flower is beauty because of the promise of spring. The newborn is beautiful because of the miracle of life. We are beautiful because we are NOT in perfect health, with the right amount of muscles and the perfect figures but because we open our selves up to others. We are beautiful because we become vulnerable, like the newborn, the budding flower that can be easily destroyed, or the sunset that can be looked over and missed. We are beautiful because we share with our fellows an open hand, and we walk with them. Sharing all that we are we talk with them, communicating that which is truly beautiful – our hearts. 

First Appearance: “The Man Without Fear” Daredevil #1, April. 1964

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), and Jack Kirby (art)

 * Loeb-Sale 2001