“Life was meant to be believed not understood.” – Santayana

My Story

Art and communication through creativity is important to me and my spiritual growth. I often think how can I be the most creative, comfortable and still communicate easily. That is why this website was created. Here I can share my paintings and communicate my ideas. 

I was born and raised in Louisiana. Being a young gay kid I was bullied and found it difficult to be myself. I eventually turned to food, drugs, alcohol and sex to find what I thought I needed. One thing I did find in Louisiana was a family of choice. I was able to find sobriety and a healthy way of life. My sobriety lead me to seek a spiritual life one devoid of religion. The five "C's" of my spiritual life are Creativity, Coffee, Cinema, Comics and Communication. 

Now I reside in Washington, DC where I teach art and practice my creative spiritual life.

“Somewhere, herein, lies the importance of being an artist. Artists help the world go forward, and at the same time make the transition smoother and more comprehensible.” – Keith Haring

My Paintings

With each painting, I try to change the viewer’s appreciation of mundane objects by transforming the way they are visualized so that they cease to be ordinary objects and instead become memorable icons. 

In creating paintings, I have studied iconography and symbolism. I have also studied the effects of color and how they relate to each other. The affect is that of a deeply meaningful painting of an object that can be seen as a spiritual tool/reminder. My goal is to meld these ideas with that of established forms of painting creating a new style for myself.

The interesting thing about my current paintings is the lack of black paint. The colors of paint are layered until it appears black. My goal with the paint is to create a black and white image using many colors. Of course there must be white paint for the highlights and tinting purposes.

In creating these paintings and/or portraits the idea does not change. I am trying to create the idea of the “true” object or person inside. The images become black and white but created with color. For me there is a spiritual meaning between Black and White. That spiritual platitude between the two is Gray, the middle or true spectrum color.  

Balance as an Artistic Principle is based on three types of Balance: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial Balance. For me the most natural of these is Radial Balance. The most difficult to create is Asymmetrical Balance, and the easiest is Symmetrical Balance. The later is where I find my focus. The current work involves the Pop-Icons that have lead to the whole person that I am today. Two icons on a 24x48 canvas equal on both sides. One icon has a primarily black background while the other has a white background. The icons are equal on both sides. They work well together, interacting with each other while the main focal point is the line in the middle.

“A pictorial work…is constructed bit by bit, just like a house.” – Paul Klee

My Blog

My spiritual journey has taken many paths - Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism and Atheism. Though out it all Comic books and superheroes have always played an important part in my spiritual growth. Superheroes give me an idea to fashion myself after. A goal to one day reach. In my blog I explore what it means to be a superhero and how to achieve the seemingly impossible ideals superheroes depict. There are quotes from comic book writers and artists, actors and the heroes themselves. Each quote leads us in the direction to finding what it means to be a superhero. 

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of Overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeves