Condorman - Don't Worry

It’s OK to ask for help. We don’t always have answers. Sometimes we need to seek answers and ask for help to find the solutions we need. When we ask for help it can alleviate worry and stress. There is people who will help – all we have to do is ask.

Don’t Worry

“Don’t worry…Condorman has it all figured out!” – Condorman * 

Through a series of events comic book writer and artist Woodrow “Woody” Wilson finds himself caught up in the middle of a CIA and KGB battle over a beautiful Russian defector, Natalia Rambova. Using his creative skills Woody creates a superhero persona, Condorman to protect Natalia and battle the KGB agents.   

There are a lot of things we do not know. It’s okay to ask for help. We should gather information before we make any decision. To realize we don’t know everything can offer freedom as well. There more information we gather the less we know – it can be an endless cycle. When faced with an issue we have no knowledge about it is best to ask for help. Seek help from the internet, seek advice from a friend or if needed seek a professional – the thing to remember there is always help somewhere. All we must do is ask. When we learn we gain information to help others who may have the same issue. Helping each other can become an endless cycle of peace, joy and acceptance.

First Appearance: “Condorman”, Walt Disney Productions, Release date August 1981

Creators: Marc Stirdvant (screenplay), Robert Sheckley (novel)

* “Condorman”, Walt Disney Productions, Release date August 1981, actor, Michael Crawford

Blonde Phantom - Everybody Learns Differently

As a teacher I can see clearly that each student learns differently. From the textbooks I know there are 8 types of learners (Linguistic, Naturalist, Musical, Kinesthetic, Visual, Logical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal). To see it first hand is amazing. To plan for these different learners is difficult. I know from experience that most students are a combination of each of these. I have learned a valuable lesson from being a teacher – it doesn’t matter how we get the correct answer as long as we get the correct answer.

Everybody Learns Differently

“Everybody learns differently, and everybody gets to a certain point from a different direction.”  – Stand Lee 

Louise Grant was a secretary to detective Mark Mason. She secretly loved him. Armed with handguns Louise created a masked heroine, Blonde Phantom, to protect Mason. The two would fight crime and solve mysteries. Eventually Mason and Louise would marry. She was one of the first costume heroines.

If each of us is different, naturally we will reach plateaus at different paces and from different directions. We all seek safety, security, stability, serenity and success. At the end we all seek rest and comfort. If we are all searching and moving toward the same humanly goals it doesn’t matter the direction we travel to reach that plateau. It doesn’t matter how fast each of us is traveling. It doesn’t matter which direction our different sign post leads us. Eventually we will all reach the same conclusion.

Blonde Phantom
First Appearance: All Select Comics #1, Timely Comics later Marvel Comics, Fall 1946

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) & Sid Shores (artist)

Mister Terrific - World's Smartest List

I struggle with comparing myself to others. I compare my art to other artists. I compare my teaching style to other teachers. I compare my apartment to another person’s home. What I have learned over the years is that all this comparing isn’t even accurate. I compare my art to another artist that not even the same style I paint. I compare my apartment to someone’s house. I can only laugh because I’m just keeping myself stuck. When I am able to let go I of the comparisons I can see just how fabulous I actually am.

World’s Smartest Lists

“Conjecture without data is guessing and as for the world’s smartest lists they’re never accurate.” – Mister Terrific * 

There has been two men to take on the mantle of Mister Terrific. First Terry Sloane, a self-made millionaire with a photographic memory and train in martial arts and other fighting skills. He became an active member of the original Justice Society of America. The second Michael Holt, is a trained 5 black belt martial artist, won an Olympic medal in the Decathlon and holds many PHDs. After his wife dies in an automobile accident Michael is contemplating suicide when the Spectre appears before him. The Spectre tells Michael about Terry Sloan and his adventures as a hero. Michael Holt is inspired to become the next Mister Terrific, to honor his wife’s memory. Michael Holt has been members of the JAS, JLA, Checkmate and the founding member of the Terrifics. He is also considered the third smartest man in the world.

Humans have one thing in common, we compare ourselves to others. We make lists of the most beautiful, the healthiest and the smartest or wealthiest. Then we set out to compare ourselves to these people. We use all this comparing to keep ourselves down in our self dug holes. We do not have the true data about these people we compare ourselves to daily. We do not know the amount of work that goes into their daily lives. Let’s not compare our lives to other people’s. let’s look ourselves kindly with acceptance. Yes, we have dreams and goals but comparing ourselves to people only prevents us from reaching our goals. Let’s look at instead the abilities we do have, the skills we have. Let’s look at the beautiful healthy people we already are in this world.

Mister Terrific
First Appearance (Terry Slone): Sensation Comics #1, DC Comics, January 1942

First Appearance (Michael Holt): Spectre (vol 3) #54, DC Comics, June 1997

Creators: Charles Reizenstein, Hal Sharp (Terry Sloane) & John Ostrander, Tom Mandrake (Michael Holt)

* "The Brain Buster”, Justice League Action, Cartoon Network, WB Animation, Air date Saturday, October 7, 2017. Actor, Hannibal Buress

Flexible - Elastigirl

I loved the Incredibles and the Incredibles 2. Helen Parr, Elastigirl, is one of my favorites along with Frozone. However, my totally favorite character is Honey, Frozone’s wife. I digress, the reason Elastigirl is so important to me is that she can stretch physically, spiritually and emotionally. Being able to remain flexible can keep us supple. It is when we are unbending and rigid that life becomes difficult and hard.


“I think you need to be a bit more flexible.” – Elastigirl * 

Helen Parr, Elastigirl, is the wife of Robert “Bob” Parr, Mr. Incredible. The two are forced into a “normal” life when super-heroics become illegal. They have three children Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. Helen becomes the stay at home mom and dutiful wife. Secretly, Bob is continuing his vigilantism. Helen suspects Bob is seeing another woman. However, when Bob gets in trouble she and the kids are off to the rescue.

Being flexible is a good quality to have. Flexibility is needed to practice and maintaining spiritual and emotional health. Being open-minded and open-hearted are both part of flexibility. Being able to adapt, recover and change are important to a successful life. However, flexibility is also important to physical health. Stretching before and after a workout is important to protect the muscles from cramping during the exercise. Stretching is also important to keep our limbs and back in shape. As we get older keeping a flexible mind, body and spirit helps keeps us in balance (physical, spiritual and emotional).

First Appearance: The Incredibles, 2004, Pixar, actress Helen Hunter

Creators: Brad Bird

* The Incredibles, 2004, Pixar, actress Helen Hunter

Hot Spot - I'm Just Warming Up!

I am always trying to move forward in my life. I am trying to be a better artist, teacher or human. I try to keep a clear vision and a positive attitude. I affirm all that is right about me. I find when I am moving forward a positive attitude will bring positive results. I don’t sit on my laurels waiting for that dream to arrive – I get up and go meet that dream along my path.

I’m Just Warming Up!

“…Sometimes I get scared. But I think a lot of people’re scared like that. They just don’t say it, ‘cause they’re trying to be something. We’re all trying to be something. But it helps, right? Knowing you got something, to say. Right? Even if you go out. At least they’ll remember you. I’m just warming up!” – Hot Spot * 

Isaiah Crockett, Hot Spot, (also known as Joto or Slagger) is human and H’San Natall. Being half alien Isaiah and other H’San Natall children are abducted. Isaiah can fly, generate heat and light and create a burning aura. Isaiah, Prysm, Argent, and Risk with the help of the Atom break free from the H’San Natall. These kids create a new Teen Titans team. Isaiah strives to make a name for himself as a protector.

We all work very hard. We all have desires and to make something of ourselves. When we are clear minded and keep our desires or goals in focus we can reach our destination. The universe hears us. The universe hears every positive and negative thought. Remaining positive helps us on our journey. “A positive attitude will bring positive results.” We all have things to say and if the universe hears everything we say why not keep it positive?

Hot Spot
First Appearance: Teen Titans #1, Vol 2, DC Comics, October 1996

Creators: Dan Jurgens

* “I’m Just Warming Up!”, Heroes In Crisis part 1 of 9, DC Comics, November 2018

Conan, the Barbarian - Success

When I dream of success I am reminded of the old colloquialism, “If you pray for potatoes grab a hoe.” Meaning you must go out and dig up the potatoes. I must work for the success, what ever my idea of success may be.  


“Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”– Arnold Schwarzenegger   

During the Hyborian Age, a time of sword and sorcery, a lone Cimmerian stood out above the rest, Conan, the Barbarian. He was the son of a blacksmith, but Conan was a strong warrior by the age of fifteen. He left his home to find adventures. He encountered villainous wizards, beautiful princesses and huge monsters. Conan saw many adventures and walk both sides between right and wrong. One thing Conan is known for is his chivalry and desire to protect the innocent.

Success takes work. We dream for success but truly it takes work. We must suit-up and show up for success every day. Those highly successful people often say, “I was in the right place at the right time.” Why were they at the right place at the right time? They were doing the work that put them in that place at that time. We often think of success as huge accomplishments, but success is also daily wins. Those daily accomplishments can be just as successful. The daily successes can add up and when we’re able to look back we see were successful all along.

Conan, the Barbarian
First Appearance: Weird Tales, December 1932

Creators: Robert E Howard

The Falcon - Make Something

When I feel stressed or angry it is always best for me to leave the situation. I prefer to go for a walk or bike ride. For me the exercise takes me out of myself and I can think clearly and find the right words to say or find the right action to take.

Make Something

“Every time I get mad, I grab my hammer and make a bookshelf or something.” – Anthony Mackie 

Sam Wilson was the son of a minister and a very civic community minded social worker. When his parents were murdered Sam became a selfish racketeer. But through the influences of Captain America and the Black Panther, Sam Wilson regained his senses and became the Falcon. Using a cybernetic suit and his mutant ability to communicate with his pet falcon, Redwing, and other birds, Sam is now a hero protecting not just his community but all people. When Steve Rogers has the super serum removed from his body and he ages, he passes the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson. For a while, Sam became a new symbol of the America people.

When we are stressed, angry, or fearful, we are told to get up and do something. Go for a walk or exercise or even take up a hobby. Many of our fathers would go out to their shop and build stuff or make things. Some mothers go out to their gardens and grow flowers or vegetables. Many people will bake wonderful dishes to relieve stress or anger. When we take the time to do something else other than sit in anger we find peace, and answers. It’s much better to take your anger out on the egg whites for a yummy meringue.

The Falcon
First Appearance: “The Coming of the Flacon” Captain America #117, Marvel Comics, Sept. 1969

First Appearance (as Captain America): All-New Captain America #1, Marvel Comics, Nov. 2014

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Gene Colan (art)

Colleen Wing - Ego

I struggle with my ego daily. I think we all have the same struggle. My physical, spiritual and emotional practices help me keep my ego in check. Trying to live a life of balance helps me keep my ego down.


“Push down your ego.” – Colleen Wing * 

Colleen Wing, daughter of Professor Lee Wing, was trained to be a master of the martial arts and the katana. Colleen moved to New York. She was caught in a gun battle between criminals and the police. Police Detective Misty Knight rescued her. The two women became best friends. Eventually they would open “Knightwing Restorations” a detective agency. The two women would meet Danny Rand, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Power Man, the Heroes for Hire. Being the weakest physically between the four friends Colleen would not let her ego get in her way. She trained and improved her skills to become an equal to her three superpowered friends.

We are told in many ways the ego gets in our way. It is true. Because of the ego our expectations become larger and hard to manage. Because of the ego we feel less than and doubt ourselves. Then because of the ego fear can arise and all forms of character defects and effect our day. How can we let go of the ego and step aside from the fear and expectations or grandiosity that can get in our way? Meditation is always a good stepping stone. Exercise is also a good release of the ego. Honest communication with friends helps the lower the ego. Volunteer work can also help. Any way we can step out of our heads and into the real world can free ourselves from ego.

Colleen Wing
First Appearance: Marvel Premiere, #19, Marvel Comics, November 1974

Creators: Doug Moench and Larry Hama

* "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus", Iron Fist, March 17, 2017, Netflix, actress Jessica Henwick

Plastic Man - Scum

I’m lucky. Being a recovering addict, I have met some interesting people that have walked all sorts of lives. One thing I have learned is that all are welcomed. All want to be accepted. I love that all these people and I have one thing in common. That one thing makes it so easy to be kind and loving to each other. I take that one little lesson and extend it into my everyday life.   


“Hey, now, listen. I won’t have you bad-mouthing Scum. Some of my best Scum are scum.” – Plastic Man * 

Patrick “The Eel” O’Brian was a slippery and hard to catch criminal. He and his gang were breaking into the Crawford Chemical Plant when a night watchman caught them. Eel O’Brian was shot and inadvertently sprayed with a chemical. O’Brian escaped into the mountains. Delirious and near-death O’Brian was found by a group of Monks and taken back to the Monastery. These “Kindly Brothers” nursed him back to health Physically Spiritually and Emotionally. In his recuperation O’Brian found the chemicals changed his body. He could bend and stretch into any form or any length. Upon leaving the monastery O’Brian was dissatisfied with a life of crime and sought to redeem himself. Taking the name “Plastic Man” and fighting crime but keeping his “Eel O’Brian” connections to secretly infiltrate the underworld. Some of Plastic Man’s best friends are those that walk the thin line between darkness and light. Some would be considered heroes, and some would be considered villainous.

Accepting people for who they are is an important aspect of making connections. The major religions speak about accepting people as your neighbor or as the larger world family. Look at all people as if they were part of that “world family”. One day everyone will need help at something does it really matter where that help comes from? If you drop your groceries on the street are you really going to complain if a person helps you pick up the groceries? The point is that we are all equal. We all have the same fears and worries. We all have the same expectations. Acceptance is behind the door, fear is the lock, and willingness is the key. To find acceptance just be willing to face the fear.

Plastic Man
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (August 1941), DC Comics, Quality Comics

Creators: Jack Cole

* “Revenge of the Curse of the Horror of the Creature” Plastic Man, #4 of 6, November 2018

Mr. Fantastic - Extended Family

This is going to sound weird but from a kid’s point of view it makes sense. I included myself as part of the Fantastic Four’s family. For me they were the perfect idea of a family. Reed Richards, father, work a lot but always found time for the family. He often included his children into his daily activities and accepted their ideas. Sue Richards, mother, was also busy but made sure the children and home were cared for but also included the children in her activities. Then we had the uncles, Johnny and Ben were always ready to have fun and take the kids on adventures, but they were very protective of the home and family. For the Fantastic Four, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben the family was all important. Franklin and Valeria, the children never felt unaccepted or unloved. I like to think I am part of their Extended Family.

Extended Family

“This is the Fantastic Four. Meet my family. Or should I say…My Extended Family.” – Mr. Fantastic * 

The day Reed Richards talked his friends into a rocket and the four were doused by cosmic rays, their lives were changed fantastically. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic and the leader of the “Fantastic Four” have five friends he chooses to call family. Sue, his wife is his passion, Ben his stability, Johnny his imagination, and his children Franklin and Valeria are his heart. Without these people his life would be boring and lonely. Even to a superhero, partners, friends and family are important. Fantastic Four is a family of choice but there have been others to join this extended family.

We all have biological families. Our family of origin can be a source of great joy or great pain. The Family Choice is of our own making and it can be more powerful and meaningful than the biological family. Why is it so meaningful? Because we choose with whom we want to build familial relationships. These people are chosen into our lives. They are wanted and accepted. This idea of extended or family of choice can be so powerful and loving.

 Mr. Fantastic
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1, Marvel Comics 1961

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), and Jack Kirby (art)

* “Where We Make A Stand” Fantastic Four #2, Marvel Comics, 2018

Robin - Support

My favorite part of Batman is the people Batman surrounds himself with for support. I can say the same for Superman, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If these characters did not have a strong supporting cast, they would just be boring. We all need a strong supporting cast to make it through the day.


“Tim, don’t! You know what happened to Jason.” - Alfred Pennyworth

“Of course, I do. But it’s like I said to Dick. Batman needs help. Batman needs Robin!” - Tim Drake – Robin III *

 The greatest superhero team is Batman and Robin. Batman is a one-man war on crime. As a child, watching his parent’s murder drove Batman over the edge. But without someone to care for, someone to protect, someone to maintain the link to humanity Batman would fall into this abyss of total insanity. Robin is Batman’s link to humanity. There have been five Robins. The first and foremost Dick Grayson, but Dick grew up to become the hero Nightwing. The second, Jason Todd, the street thug that would never listen to Batman and was eventually killed by the Joker. There was Stephanie Brown who tried hard to be impressive but failed in the eyes of Batman. She was also killed. The last Damien Wayne Batman’s son, the current Robin. Finally, Tim Drake, the third Robin. Tim was a true detective that figured out Batman’s and Robin’s secret identities. After Jason’s death Batman offered the Robin mantle to Tim. There has always been a Robin for Batman. Batman needs someone by his side. Batman needs support, a link, an ally, a partner, and a friend. Robin will always be Batman’s support.

We all need support from time to time. We can not go silently through life. We will eventually need someone to talk to, someone to offer help and someone to offer protection. In return we will be there for someone who needs our help, our protection, and our ear.  Life is difficult. Why go through life alone? Why make our lives harder? Take the time to share with someone. We all need at least one friend. Even Batman has one friend. Who knows we may even find our own Robin to share life with? 

First Robin: Dick Grayson, Detective Comics #38, April 1940

Second Robin: Jason Todd, Batman #368, 1964 Last Appearance: Batman #428, 1988

Third Robin: Tim Drake, The New Teen Titans, #60, 1989

Fourth Robin: Stephanie Brown, Robin, #126, May 2004

Fifth Robin: Damien Wayne, Batman, #657, November 2006

Creators for all Robins: Bob Kane, Bill Finger (Dick Grayson), Doug Moench, Don Newton (Jason Todd), and Marv Wolfman, George Perez (Tim Drake), Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle (Stephanie Brown), Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert (Damian Wayne)

 * “A Lonely place to Die” Batman #442, 1989

Spiderman - Responsibility

Peter Parker, Spiderman, is probably one of the most popular superheroes. Mainly because he is young and has the same problems we all have. The same concerns and worries we all do – Rent, Food, Job Security, Friendship and Family. Reading a Spiderman or any comic can often take me out of my head and allow me to be free from worry for just a little while.


“With great power, comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben Parker *

Peter Parker, Spiderman, has based his whole superhero career on responsibility. “with great power, comes great responsibility, one of the most popular and profound comics book colloquialisms. Responsibility is a double-edged sword for Peter Parker. It can be his greatest strength always instinctively knowing what the right thing to do, whom to protect and how to protect them. But responsibility is his greatest weakness because at times he slips in responsibility for his family or friends because he is out “Saving the World.” 

Responsibility is a gift. Responsibility is a struggle. It is a double-edged sword for all of us. We all struggle with responsibility, we pay our rent month after month, we go to work day after day, we become bogged down with all this responsibility. All we truly want to do is play and be young with out a care in the world – but the world needs us to be “Responsible.” We all have duties and chores to accomplish. But the world will not fall out of orbit if we take one day to play and be youthful. Sometimes it is OK to spend the day with the kids instead of going to work. On occasion it is OK to call in sick and go to a gallery. Once in awhile it is OK to take a longer lunch break. This is not being irresponsible it is taking care of us. It is loosening the grip that society and responsibility puts on us. Today we do not need to “Save the World.”

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures #15, Aug. 1962

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Steve Ditko (art)

 * Amazing Adventures #15, Aug. 1962 

Saturn Girl - Subconscious Impulse

Years ago, I was riding my bike home from work. I had the thought take the long way home don’t take the short cut. I didn’t listen to that thought. The short cut is down the steep hill and at the bottom of the hill is an intersection with a bling spot for the intersecting cars. A car was pulling out into the intersection and could not see me. As I start breaking, I tipped my bike forward and fell. Sliding down the rest of the hill getting road burn and I ripping my pants I thought, “This is it!” I’m not dead but I decided from that moment on to listen to the impulses – especially while riding my bike.

Subconscious Impulse

“Something made me suggest coming here today – Some subconscious impulse... nagging at me…trying to tell me something…” - Saturn Girl*

The 30th Century sees a group of teenagers, the Legion of Superheroes, protecting the universe. The three founding members, Garth Ranzz, Rokk Krinn and Imra Ardeen rescued the VERY wealthy R.J. Brande. But Imra Ardeen was the heart of the group. Imra was a talented telepath from Titan, Saturn’s seventh moon. She was top in her classes. She had come to Earth to look for work. She never thought she would become, Saturn Girl. The Legion of Superheroes depended on her telepathic abilities.

 Those “Subconscious Impulses” can drive us crazy. They get in our head and they won’t stop until we act upon or the opportunity passes. These could be a message; these could be our heart’s desire or even intuitive thoughts. Would it truly hurt to follow one or two subconscious impulses? Would it hurt to join that Tai Chi class, send a resume to a corporation where you always wanted to work or call a friend you keep thinking about? Sometimes it is OK to act on an impulse – it could be considered your Heart’s Desire and it is OK to follow your heart.

 Saturn Girl
First Appearance: Adventure Comics # 247 (April, 1958)

Creators: Otto Binder (writer) & Al Plastino (artist)

 *“Hunt for a Hero Killer” Superboy & The Legion of Superheroes #229, DC Comics (July 1977)

Ravenstorm - Cannot Learn Anymore

There is always something to learn. I seek an open-mind and heart, so I am willing to learn more. I am a person living on this planet. To know about my fellow inhabitants will help me become a more accepting person.

Cannot Learn Anymore

 “You never know so much, you cannot learn anymore.” - Ravenstorm*

 Obsessed with the Mystical Arts but unwilling to practice these dark arts Berlin exchange student, Joachim Matthias Reinhardt sought a different route to become a hero. Reinhardt used technology to create his “nano-noir” technology. Reinhardt soon became the lone hero Ravenstorm. He soon settled on Striga Island as part of Rhode Island’s Paragon City. Ravenstorm is always ready to train young heroes and help them learn the skills they need to become better heroes.

 A fortune cookie once suggested, “Being a man means constant revision like correcting writing.” We are like books with many different chapters and in every chapter we have learned something. The events of the past chapter lead to the events in the next. The past lesson leads to the new lesson. We are always changing and growing – learning. Keep an opened-mind and grow. Have conversations, sharing new ideas and become a scholar. Travel to new places, see new people and do new things. When a person does this they change into a new person. George Greenstein wrote, “Ask a new question and you will learn new things.” Here is a challenge, ask someone a question that you do not know the answer?

First Appearance: As part of “City of Heroes” (MMORPG) Issue 3, January 4, 2005

Creator: EJ Nelson  

 *Dialog with the hero in training.  

Hawkeye - Charity

I always try to see the best in others. Sometimes it is difficult, but I still try. I must begin to see what’s good in myself.  We can’t help others until we learned to help ourselves. We can be generous until we learn to put stuff aside for our own well-being. I can’t forgive others until I learn to forgive myself. All of these are charitable acts but they all begin with the self.


 “You’ll find away Trick! Somehow, you’ll find away. I’ll do what ever I can to help! I owe you that much!” - Hawkeye *

Some superheroes start their heroic careers as villains or wrongly accused of villainy. One such hero is Hawkeye. Clint Barton was an orphan who found his way into a carnival. Clint was train by two villains “Trick Shot” and the “Swordsman”. Clint was inspired by Iron Man, and soon took on the mantle of Hawkeye – the world’s greatest archer. On his first time out as a hero Hawkeye was wrongly accused of crimes and faced Iron Man. Iron Man sponsored Hawkeye in to the Avengers and Clint cleaned up his reputation. Hawkeye always finds the best shot because he is the greatest archer, but he is also very charitable. Finding the goodness in his fellows. Hawkeye helped Trick Shot die honorably of cancer, helped the Swordsman become a hero, he even took the defeated “Masters of Evil” and turned them into a group of heroes called the “Thunderbolts.” Seeking the best shot or goodness in others is Hawkeye’s talent.

 There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it would be wrong to find fault in the rest of us. Charity is looking at our fellows and knowing that deep inside there is good and that our fellows are worthy of our respect and kindness. No matter how right we are, and how difficult it would be a little charity to our fellows will make us stronger. Charity to others will lead in the right direction of peace and understanding. Who knows we may turn a few villains into heroes along the way.

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #57, 1964

Last Appearance: Avengers #501, 2004

Creators: Stan Lee (script), and Don Heck (art)

 * “The Triumph of Trick Shot!” Solo Avengers Starring Hawkeye #5, Apr. 1988

Bouncing Boy - Using What You Got

One of my favorite superheroes is Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine. I saw myself in him. Here was an overweight kid being a superhero. As an overweight kid it was important for me to see Bouncing Boy. He got laughed at and teased but he kept going. He was an inspiration for me to keep going. In fact my CB radio handle (YIKES) was Bouncing Boy.

Using What You Got

“Four to one! When I was a Legionnaire, I often faced odds worse than this…but I had a superpower then! Now I’m just an ordinary guy…with nothing but a few rubber balls to defend myself!” - Chuck Taine*

In the 30th century there will be a group of Teenagers inspired by the 20th century Superheroes and these teenagers from distant planets will come together and form the Legion of Superheroes. Each member will have a unique power or gift as in the case of Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine. Chuck was an errand boy for a scientist who developed an instant super-rubber fluid. Chuck had to deliver the fluid to the science council, but on they way got thirsty and drank the fluid. Chuck was instantly inflated, and he could bounce around like a ball. Chuck found he could inflate and deflate; he was not affected by electricity and impervious to bullets and other projectiles while inflated. He tried many times to join the Legion and was laughed at each time. Until that one moment when the Legion failed and the person that saved the day was “Bouncing Boy.” Eventually Chuck lost his powers and resigned from the Legion but only after he married his one true love – Luornu Durgo (Duo Damsel).

OK we are just ordinary people with no super power, and no utility belts but we do have special gifts. We all have life experiences that can be used to help or offer hope. We all have memories that can be helpful. We have had difficult times and joyous events that can be used to help someone in need. We have had to change tires. We have changed jobs. We have had difficult classmates. We have lost parents or children. We have continued to live and learn but the learning never stops. Then one day someone will be going through exactly what we have gone through and we will be the one person to save the day with the right suggestion, the perfect answer, or the warmest hand to hold. We will find the only thing we did was share ourselves.

Bouncing Boy – Chuck Taine

First Appearance: Action Comics #276, May 1961

Creators: Jerry Siegel (script), and Jim Mooney (art)

 * “1+1=3” Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #216, April 1976

Mockingbird - Unarmed

I am a creative person. I often turn to my creativity to let go of stress. I turn to my creativity to have fun and enjoy the day. However, I also turn to my creativity to inspire and help me problem solve. My creativity is not just part of who I am it is also a tool that I can use in many different ways.


 “…You think I’m unarmed, Star! As long as I have my battle staves and my athletic prowess…Who needs guns?” - Mockingbird*

 Dr. Barbara “Bobbi” Morse is, Agent 19 for S.H.I.E.L.D. When Bobbi was a Biology student in Georgia she went with her favorite Professor, Wilma Calvin on a government project, Project: Gladiator. While working on this project she was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. She entered the spy school and graduated top in her class, taking the codename Mockingbird. Soon she is sent on a mission to observe and gather information from “Cross Technological Enterprises” where Clint Barton, the Avenger, Hawkeye, is the Security Chief. Unknown to Hawkeye, the CEO is actually the villain Crossfire. Mockingbird and Hawkeye’s first meeting is of course a fight but eventually the two solve the mystery and save the day. Then they fall in love and are married. Mockingbird becomes the love of Hawkeye’s life. They start the West Coast Avengers together.

 This is not political and not about gun or weapon control. It is about however what we have that makes us talented. This discussion has happened many times. Humans tend to forget what we have that is special because we are bogged down with negativity and fear. We need to be told and reminded many times that we are greater than our material selves. We all have gifts that allow us to move and create new things freely. Some of us are athletic, so continue to be athletic and practice often. Some of us are artists (visual, performance and writing) so continue to do that and practice often. Some of us are good at business and organizing or managing things that is a good skill practice and continue. Whatever it is we do that brings us joy continue to practice that. Try to bring that energy to our homes, our workplaces and our spiritual lives. One day we will find we have a prowess and we will never be unarmed.

First Appearance: As Dr. Barbara Morse, Astonishing Tales, #6 (June 1971), Marvel Comics

Second Appearance: As The huntress, Marvel Super Action, #6 (Jan. 1976), Marvel Comics

Third Appearance: As Mockingbird, Marvel Team-Up, #95 (July 1980), Marvel Comics

Creators: Gerry Conway, Barry Smith, Len Wein, Neal Adams, Roy Thomas, MArk Grunewald, Mike Fredrich, George Evans, Steven Grant

 * “A Bird in the Hand”, The West Coast Avengers, vol. 2 #8 (May 1986), Marvel Comics

Blok - Turning Back

I’ve been told, “If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you’re pissing on the present.”  It is the present that everything is happening. The present is moving through time. The past and future do not move. With that thought it is best to stay within the present or we could get lost in time. It’s funny that I am using a future civilization to discuss the present – that’s what I love about comics.

Turning Back

 “There is no turning back, Light Lass, not for any of us.” - Blok*

 In the 30th century there will be a group of Teenagers inspired by the 20th century Superheroes. These teenagers from distant planets will come together and form the Legion of Superheroes. Each member will have a unique power. Blok is from the planet Dryad, and has the abilities of super strength, size and density manipulation and energy absorption. When his planet was dying the Dark Man and the Legion of Assassins convinced Blok that the Legion of Superheroes was actually killing his planet. Blok learned the truth and joined the Legion of Superheroes.

 Like Cher we often sing, “If I could turn back time…If I could find a way…” But we cannot. Time does not work like that. Thinking about the past can create, resentment, negativity and regret in our lives. It is not wise to spend too much time thinking about the future as well. The best place to think is the present. There are times that we need to make an amends for a past issue. We need to make the amends and move forward. Don’t dwell on it or worry about it. To move forward in our lives we must be grounded in the present. The present is moving in time. We look in the past to see how far we’ve traveled and feel satisfaction for the journey. We look in the future to see how far we can still travel and to be amazed at the vast horizon. In the present we will find everything we need to move forward.

First Appearance: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, #253 (July 1979), DC Comics

Creators: Gerry Conway (writer) & Joe Stanton (art)

* “Darkseid”, The Legion of Superheroes, Volume 34, #294 (December 1982), DC Comics