Blonde Phantom - Everybody Learns Differently

As a teacher I can see clearly that each student learns differently. From the textbooks I know there are 8 types of learners (Linguistic, Naturalist, Musical, Kinesthetic, Visual, Logical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal). To see it first hand is amazing. To plan for these different learners is difficult. I know from experience that most students are a combination of each of these. I have learned a valuable lesson from being a teacher – it doesn’t matter how we get the correct answer as long as we get the correct answer.

Everybody Learns Differently

“Everybody learns differently, and everybody gets to a certain point from a different direction.”  – Stand Lee 

Louise Grant was a secretary to detective Mark Mason. She secretly loved him. Armed with handguns Louise created a masked heroine, Blonde Phantom, to protect Mason. The two would fight crime and solve mysteries. Eventually Mason and Louise would marry. She was one of the first costume heroines.

If each of us is different, naturally we will reach plateaus at different paces and from different directions. We all seek safety, security, stability, serenity and success. At the end we all seek rest and comfort. If we are all searching and moving toward the same humanly goals it doesn’t matter the direction we travel to reach that plateau. It doesn’t matter how fast each of us is traveling. It doesn’t matter which direction our different sign post leads us. Eventually we will all reach the same conclusion.

Blonde Phantom
First Appearance: All Select Comics #1, Timely Comics later Marvel Comics, Fall 1946

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) & Sid Shores (artist)