Mister Terrific - World's Smartest List

I struggle with comparing myself to others. I compare my art to other artists. I compare my teaching style to other teachers. I compare my apartment to another person’s home. What I have learned over the years is that all this comparing isn’t even accurate. I compare my art to another artist that not even the same style I paint. I compare my apartment to someone’s house. I can only laugh because I’m just keeping myself stuck. When I am able to let go I of the comparisons I can see just how fabulous I actually am.

World’s Smartest Lists

“Conjecture without data is guessing and as for the world’s smartest lists they’re never accurate.” – Mister Terrific * 

There has been two men to take on the mantle of Mister Terrific. First Terry Sloane, a self-made millionaire with a photographic memory and train in martial arts and other fighting skills. He became an active member of the original Justice Society of America. The second Michael Holt, is a trained 5 black belt martial artist, won an Olympic medal in the Decathlon and holds many PHDs. After his wife dies in an automobile accident Michael is contemplating suicide when the Spectre appears before him. The Spectre tells Michael about Terry Sloan and his adventures as a hero. Michael Holt is inspired to become the next Mister Terrific, to honor his wife’s memory. Michael Holt has been members of the JAS, JLA, Checkmate and the founding member of the Terrifics. He is also considered the third smartest man in the world.

Humans have one thing in common, we compare ourselves to others. We make lists of the most beautiful, the healthiest and the smartest or wealthiest. Then we set out to compare ourselves to these people. We use all this comparing to keep ourselves down in our self dug holes. We do not have the true data about these people we compare ourselves to daily. We do not know the amount of work that goes into their daily lives. Let’s not compare our lives to other people’s. let’s look ourselves kindly with acceptance. Yes, we have dreams and goals but comparing ourselves to people only prevents us from reaching our goals. Let’s look at instead the abilities we do have, the skills we have. Let’s look at the beautiful healthy people we already are in this world.

Mister Terrific
First Appearance (Terry Slone): Sensation Comics #1, DC Comics, January 1942

First Appearance (Michael Holt): Spectre (vol 3) #54, DC Comics, June 1997

Creators: Charles Reizenstein, Hal Sharp (Terry Sloane) & John Ostrander, Tom Mandrake (Michael Holt)

* "The Brain Buster”, Justice League Action, Cartoon Network, WB Animation, Air date Saturday, October 7, 2017. Actor, Hannibal Buress