The Falcon - Make Something

When I feel stressed or angry it is always best for me to leave the situation. I prefer to go for a walk or bike ride. For me the exercise takes me out of myself and I can think clearly and find the right words to say or find the right action to take.

Make Something

“Every time I get mad, I grab my hammer and make a bookshelf or something.” – Anthony Mackie 

Sam Wilson was the son of a minister and a very civic community minded social worker. When his parents were murdered Sam became a selfish racketeer. But through the influences of Captain America and the Black Panther, Sam Wilson regained his senses and became the Falcon. Using a cybernetic suit and his mutant ability to communicate with his pet falcon, Redwing, and other birds, Sam is now a hero protecting not just his community but all people. When Steve Rogers has the super serum removed from his body and he ages, he passes the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson. For a while, Sam became a new symbol of the America people.

When we are stressed, angry, or fearful, we are told to get up and do something. Go for a walk or exercise or even take up a hobby. Many of our fathers would go out to their shop and build stuff or make things. Some mothers go out to their gardens and grow flowers or vegetables. Many people will bake wonderful dishes to relieve stress or anger. When we take the time to do something else other than sit in anger we find peace, and answers. It’s much better to take your anger out on the egg whites for a yummy meringue.

The Falcon
First Appearance: “The Coming of the Flacon” Captain America #117, Marvel Comics, Sept. 1969

First Appearance (as Captain America): All-New Captain America #1, Marvel Comics, Nov. 2014

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Gene Colan (art)