Colleen Wing - Ego

I struggle with my ego daily. I think we all have the same struggle. My physical, spiritual and emotional practices help me keep my ego in check. Trying to live a life of balance helps me keep my ego down.


“Push down your ego.” – Colleen Wing * 

Colleen Wing, daughter of Professor Lee Wing, was trained to be a master of the martial arts and the katana. Colleen moved to New York. She was caught in a gun battle between criminals and the police. Police Detective Misty Knight rescued her. The two women became best friends. Eventually they would open “Knightwing Restorations” a detective agency. The two women would meet Danny Rand, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Power Man, the Heroes for Hire. Being the weakest physically between the four friends Colleen would not let her ego get in her way. She trained and improved her skills to become an equal to her three superpowered friends.

We are told in many ways the ego gets in our way. It is true. Because of the ego our expectations become larger and hard to manage. Because of the ego we feel less than and doubt ourselves. Then because of the ego fear can arise and all forms of character defects and effect our day. How can we let go of the ego and step aside from the fear and expectations or grandiosity that can get in our way? Meditation is always a good stepping stone. Exercise is also a good release of the ego. Honest communication with friends helps the lower the ego. Volunteer work can also help. Any way we can step out of our heads and into the real world can free ourselves from ego.

Colleen Wing
First Appearance: Marvel Premiere, #19, Marvel Comics, November 1974

Creators: Doug Moench and Larry Hama

* "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus", Iron Fist, March 17, 2017, Netflix, actress Jessica Henwick