Hot Spot - I'm Just Warming Up!

I am always trying to move forward in my life. I am trying to be a better artist, teacher or human. I try to keep a clear vision and a positive attitude. I affirm all that is right about me. I find when I am moving forward a positive attitude will bring positive results. I don’t sit on my laurels waiting for that dream to arrive – I get up and go meet that dream along my path.

I’m Just Warming Up!

“…Sometimes I get scared. But I think a lot of people’re scared like that. They just don’t say it, ‘cause they’re trying to be something. We’re all trying to be something. But it helps, right? Knowing you got something, to say. Right? Even if you go out. At least they’ll remember you. I’m just warming up!” – Hot Spot * 

Isaiah Crockett, Hot Spot, (also known as Joto or Slagger) is human and H’San Natall. Being half alien Isaiah and other H’San Natall children are abducted. Isaiah can fly, generate heat and light and create a burning aura. Isaiah, Prysm, Argent, and Risk with the help of the Atom break free from the H’San Natall. These kids create a new Teen Titans team. Isaiah strives to make a name for himself as a protector.

We all work very hard. We all have desires and to make something of ourselves. When we are clear minded and keep our desires or goals in focus we can reach our destination. The universe hears us. The universe hears every positive and negative thought. Remaining positive helps us on our journey. “A positive attitude will bring positive results.” We all have things to say and if the universe hears everything we say why not keep it positive?

Hot Spot
First Appearance: Teen Titans #1, Vol 2, DC Comics, October 1996

Creators: Dan Jurgens

* “I’m Just Warming Up!”, Heroes In Crisis part 1 of 9, DC Comics, November 2018