Ex-Mutants - Genetic Birthright

Years ago, I was at a Sunday meeting where this man stood up and spoke eloquently about Bin Laden’s place on this earth as a human. He was in no way defending his crimes but instead reminding us that he was once a child. Just like all us. We all were children wearing diapers, dependent on the care from another adult. I started wondering what choices were made to lead people down the dark paths. From that lesson I try to picture people that disturb me as a child. I try to see the choices I made that lead me down my paths. At times I try to repair the damage I have caused. It is easier for me to let people exist when I remember that they were once children just like me.

Genetic Birthright

“The six of you are about to be rewarded with the greatest gift of all – your Genetic Birthright. I’m going to make you all Human!” - Dr. Kildare                                                         

In the distant future our world will be plagued with wars. All sorts of weapons will be used that will leave the planet decimated. The inhabitants of Earth will mutate into hideous mutants. A robotic scientist, Dr. Kildare will collect six mutants for an experiment that will repair their genetic birthright. The experiment worked – Ackroyd, Tanya, Shannon, Bud, Piper and Dillon became the first Ex-Mutants. Their hope is to repair their world and bring peace to the planet still plagued with war.

To be human is a gift. It is a great gift. Yes there are many different types of races and creeds and nationalities but we have one thing in common…we are human. When we forget what the outsides look like and look inwardly at our fellows we see we are all the same. No matter where the human in front of us comes from or what they may possibly believe, we are all the same inside. Remembering that is always a good way to begin a conversation. When we are in heated arguments or watching some horrible crime unfold on the news it is always a good reminder to see those people as a human child.

First Appearance: Ex-Mutants, #1 (1986-89), Eternity/Amazing/Pied-Piper Comics

Second Appearance: Ex-Mutants, #1 (Nov. 1, 1992-April 1 1994), Malibu Comics

Creators: David Lawrence, Ron Lim and David Capiti

* “Ex-Mutants”, Ex-Mutants, #1, Nov. 1, 1992, Malibu Comics