Element Lad - Insulated

The Legion of Superheroes is my favorite comics. They hold a special place in my heart. Here was a group of kids that not just protected the earth but the galaxy. They protected all beings simply because they existed. They accepted members based on their powers and gifts not their skin color or orientation. All were welcome! I try to live my life the same way.


“Whew! That bolt would’ve knocked me senseless if I hadn’t insulated myself at the last second by changing my elemental structure to rubber!” - Element Lad*

In the 31st Century there was a planet Trom. The people of this planet had the ability to transmute any element to another element. This ability was tied into their spiritual lives. Transmutation was important to the Trom’s religion. But the villain Roxxas had other plans – he wanted to have objects transmuted to other elements to make him wealthy. The planet’s rulers denied him. In return he destroyed the planet. The only surviving Trommite was a young lad, Jan Arrah. Roxxas kidnaps Jan Arrah.  The Legion of Superheroes rescues Jan and invites him to join the Legion as Element Lad.

It would be really cool to have Elemental or Transmutation powers. It would be nice to magically create insulation that protects us from danger. But we live in the “real world”. We can insulate ourselves however. We do insulate ourselves every day. Practicing balance (physical, spiritual, emotional) is a form of insulation. Eating right, sharing with friends, prayer and meditation, and treating ourselves like precious objects are all forms of insulation. Look at it as a preparation for things (good and bad) that may show up. Taking very good care of ourselves is an excellent way to prepare for the daily journey.

Element Lad
First Appearance: The Secret Power of the Mystery Super-Hero Adventure Comics #307, DC Comics April 1963

Creators: Edmond Hamilton (plot), John Forte (art)

 *Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, #207 March 1975