The Mighty Isis - Deity

I remember watching “The Secrets of Isis” every Saturday morning. It was so interesting from a kid’s point of view. I loved the archaeology point of view. Isis was one the reasons I became so interested in Art History and Archaeology. The idea of different deities intrigued me as well. Today I find all the different ways to practice a spiritual life just as interesting.


“Oh Mighty Isis!” - Andrea Thomas *

“The Mighty Isis” is an Egyptian Goddess and is the archetypal wife and mother. Her name literally means “Queen of the Throne” and her emblem is that of an Egyptian Throne. So Andrea Thomas, a High School Science teacher is out on a summer archeological dig when she finds a beautiful amulet. When Andrea placed the mystically powerful amulet around her neck she was transformed into “The Mighty Isis.” Andrea now finds she has great strength, the ability to move inanimate objects, the power to fly and to run at super speed. Whenever Isis is needed Andrea holds up the Amulet and says, “Oh Mighty Isis!” then Andrea instantly becomes the Egyptian Goddess. Isis uses her powers for good capturing criminals, solving mysteries, stopping prejudice, and preventing disasters. Isis appears when needed and solves the problem before or right in the nick of time, typical for any deity.

It is Ok to have a deity and believe in a power greater than ourselves. We all have our deities we follow. That is the wonderful thing about living on Earth we have a choice in deities. There are so many different religions that we can find the right one for us to follow. Religions give a great sense of community and a strong sense of family. We learn and grow in these faith-based communities. What about those however, that do not believe in a deity? That’s OK too! The point here is to have a spiritual life. We can seek something greater – even if it is not a god. Even the most serious agnostic or atheist believe in something greater. It may be the sunrise and sunset. It may be the love from a best friend. Everyone puts his or her faith into something or someone. There are people out there that sing every morning “Help me Rhonda, help, help me, Rhonda,” or “Good morning Starshine, the world says hello. You twinkle above us we twinkle below.”  There are people that talk to their coffee cups named, “Henry”. There are people sitting on their balconies just feeling the breeze. Who’s to say they are not seeking “Good Orderly Direction”? A spiritual life is personal, and we have many choices to choose.

The Mighty Isis
First Appearance: As a Saturday Morning, TV Character, “The Secret of Isis”, Filmation, NBC Universal Television, 9/6/75-77

* “The Secret of Isis”, 9/6/75