The Fly - Invitation

I know nothing of the Fly. I’ve only read one comic book about the Fly. I do find him confusing but interesting at the same time. Very similar to car accident – too horrible to look at but can’t stop looking. It’s difficult to get the comics now but it would be nice to learn more about the Fly.


“‘Thanks for the invitation,’ said the fly to the spider!” - The Fly *

Thomas “Tommy” Troy was an orphan and found a home with Ben and Abigail March. In their attic he finds a ring and as he cleans it a wizard, Turan, of the “Fly People” appears. Turan explains the story of the Fly People. Whenever Tommy rubs the ring and says, “I wish I were a fly” he switches bodies with a member of the “Fly People” and becomes a superhero, the Fly. The Fly has the exponential strength and flight of a fly. He has size manipulation and insect telepathy. But this fly is never caught in a Spider’s web …for too long.

We all know what happens when the Spider invites the Fly to the web. Today let’s take a lesson from Mary Howitt’s poem, “The Spider and the Fly.” Those silly flattering words, that people use to beguile and confuse other people. There are people that for whatever reason don’t give the clear meanings or full descriptions. Accept those people for who they are and learn from their mistakes. If we are confused then something is not right. Ask questions! Get the answers to clear the confusion. We do not have to accept invitations if we do not have a clear image of what is happening. If after clearing the air and the reasons are just and right say,”Yes.”  Also remember, it is perfectly find to ask questions and then say, “No Thank You, Mr. Spider.”

The Fly
First Appearance: The Secret Life of Private Strong, issue #1, June 1959, Red Circle Comics

Creators: Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

 * Adventures of the Fly, #1 Nov. 1959