Iron Man - Judgement

I’ll be honest, I judge books by the cover. I’ve gotten better not doing it but I still do. I do know the reasons why – it comes from my doubt, my low self-esteem and my resentments. When I notice that I’m doing it I will look at myself to see what’s going on with me. Then I’ll make a point to get to know the person in question. I find it interesting when I consider someone’s life and find out that we have a lot in common. I love it when their furniture is just as dusty as mine or we have matching baggage.  


“… If there was an upside to the nightmare we’ve all been through… it is that I was able to put the genie back in the bottle…” - Tony Stark, Iron Man *

What makes a superhero? If we look at their lives, most superheroes are rich, beautiful, and have really exciting lives. But in reading the comics and getting to know the characters we find that their darkest moments is what makes them heroes. If we go further we will find that many of the superheroes have rough living problems to overcome. Look at Iron Man – Tony Stark, heir to a vast multi-million fortune. He turned it into a multi-billion-dollar fortune, tall dark handsome with a girl on both arms – a perfect life? Well, no, the suit of armor he wears is for health, because if he does not remain connected to that suit he will die. Then there’s the alcoholism.  Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic. Shortly after becoming Iron Man, Tony Stark became an alcoholic. His friends helped him find recovery and now he lives with sobriety like many other recovering alcoholics.

The old cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a good message. Just because someone looks like they have a wonderful life with an iron will, good looks and lots of money does not mean they have a wonderful life. Get to know the person behind the armor. We all have daily problems, we are not perfect, and it is how we deal with the daily life that makes us great. Don’t judge the insides by the outsides. Look beyond the armor and get to know the person on the inside.

Iron Man
First Appearance: Tales of the Suspense #39 Mar. 1961 Marvel Comics
Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Larry Lieber (script), and Don Heck (art)

* Tony Stark, Avengers Finale, Brian Michael Bendis, Jan. 2005 Marvel comics