The Savage Dragon - Costume

I’ve only read one Savage Dragon comic. He seems to be an interesting character. In comics, characters that look different, the Thing, Nightcrawler, Martian Manhunter and many others are often portrayed as not accepted monsters or the most loveable people. Many of us can be treated the same way. Especially, if we dress differently than normal. I think attitude has a big part on how we are treated by others.  


“Just once I’d like to get through a day without some clown in a costume messing around with the citizens of my city.” - The Savage Dragon*

The Dragon was found in a burning field by police Lieutenant Frank Darling, outside of Chicago. The Dragon has super strength, super hearing, stamina and speed. He cannot remember why he was in the field how he got there or his name. He is given the name, Dragon because of his green skin and his head fin. To protect the citizens of Chicago, Lt. Darling ask Dragon, with his abilities, to join the Chicago Police Department.  Chicago is now protected from “superfreaks” by Officer Dragon.

We all wear costumes. Forget the power underoos, the favorite shoes and socks or tie. Let’s look at our attitude. The attitude we wear is a costume – it is armor. We use our attitude as protection. We use our attitude to make people we meet feel welcome or uncomfortable. Yes we can switch or allow our attitude to morph as we need it. We can decide what we want to portray. Some are better at this than others but with practice it can be done. We are naturally attracted to people walking proudly with a charming smile and welcoming handshake. Even if this person is wearing all black we feel welcomed in their presence.

The Savage Dragon
First Appearance: Graphic Fantasy #1 (June 1982), Megaton #2 (Oct 1985) Megaton #3 (Feb.1986), Image Comics

Creators: Erik Larsen

* “Bombast Lives” Bombast, vol. 1 #1 (April 1993), Topps Comics