Bionic Woman - LOVE

Merry Christmas! Today let us think of LOVE. LOVE is a gift that we can give to everyone. And everyone deserves LOVE.


“Love is a spiritual principle but it is also something that if you are an atheist you can still love.”  - Lindsey Wagner                                                                                                           

Jaime Sommers, a national tennis champion and school teacher, dates the famous astronaut Captain Steve Austin. Captain Austin is also the Six Million Dollar Man, his legs, left arm and right eye are Bionic. While skydiving Jaime’s parachute does not open and she falls great heights through trees. Captain Austin’s pleas for Jaime’s life are heard and her limbs are replaced with Bionics as well. Jaime’s legs, right arm and left ear are bionics. She becomes an OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) Agent. Jaime Sommers comes to grips with her bionics and seeks to bring peace first to any situation.

All religions and spiritual practices seek Love as a spiritual principle and practice. Ms. Wagner is absolutely correct when we all have the capacity to Love. Seeking Spiritual Principles do not have to be solely religious practices. When broken down to the simplest forms spiritual principles are practiced by all people. We forget that spiritual principles are often called virtues. Here is a list of virtues we try to practice: Honesty, Hope, Courage, Integrity, Peace, Charity, Humility, Discipline and Service. Sharing Love with another person simply because they are human is an excellent Virtue to practice. No matter whom we are or the religion or nationality there is always Love. Seek Love and Love will be found.

The Bionic Woman
First Appearance: The Six Million Dollar Man, Season 2, Episode 19, March 16, 1975, ABC

Creators: Kenneth Johnson (producer), Lindsey Wagner (actress)

Inspiration: Martin Caidin from the Novel “Cyborg”, Arbor House, April 1972