The Legion of Superpets - Aspects of his Individuality

Growing up I always liked the stories about Superboy and Krypto. They had some great adventures. Stories about a boy and his dog always make me feel good. There are some great pets in comic book history, Lockjaw, Red Wing, Lockheed, Comet, Wonder Dog, Blip (the monkey, Space Ghost) and Sheba (the tiger, The Walking Dead). When Krypto flew out into space and never returned was kind of sad for me. It prepared me in a way to prepare for the loss of my super-pet, Brigit.

Aspects of his Individuality

“When you deal with a character over a long period of time you discover the many aspects of his individuality – he becomes real.” - Curt Swan (about Superman)*

The supporting cast will always define a character. Not all superheroes battle crime alone some have sidekicks to help when needed. The people surrounding a Superhero will make the hero stronger. There are a few superheroes that have super pets. Superman has Krypto (the super dog), Supergirl has Streaky (the super cat) and Comet (the super horse), and Chameleon boy has Proty. Like their counterparts, the Legion of Superheroes, these super pets decided to form a “Legion” of their own. The Legion of Superpets was created. The members are Krypto, Streaky, Comet, Proty (a shape-shifting creature), Beppo (the super monkey) and Whizzy (relative of Streaky). The best way to find out about hero is to look at the company he keeps.

The artist, Curt Swan is best known for his work with Superman and the Legion of Superheroes. His words are true. Not just in creating a character but in real life as well. When we spend time with a person we get to know them. When we spend a long period of time with them we REALLY get to know them. Look at how we know our oldest friends. We know every nook and cranny of their existence. Sometimes that is a good thing. We accept them for who they are without worry. They become a fully realized individual in our lives. The deeper we know them the greater the friendship. Just like a good character in a comic book.

The Legion of Super-Pets  
First Appearance: Adventure Comics, #293 (February 1962), DC Comics

Creators: Jerry Siegel & Curt Swan  

*”Curt Swan: The Definitive Superman Realized”