Arms Fall Off Boy - Pleasure of Creativity

Floyd Belkin, Arms Fall Off Boy, shows up on all the “Most Lame Superpower” lists. It’s true his power his lame. He can take his arms off and use them as a weapon. But let’s give, Arms Fall Off Boy, creator, Curt Swan, the appreciation he deserves. To have the guts to step out of the box and create such a character as, Arms Fall Off Boy, is true creativity.

Pleasure of Creativity

“…Perhaps this is the one true pleasure of creativity; the continuous surprise of ‘new’ discoveries.” - Curt Swan

In the 30th century, the Legion of Superheroes will become the supreme team of Superheroes, protecting the Galaxy from evil. When Legion auditions are held, everyone with a super power attempts to become members. The lines are long. Unfortunately, not everyone becomes a member. There has got to be some rejects. Some promising applicants are asked to join the Legion Academy while others join the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. While other rejects become super villains out of anger and resentment.  Probably the most interesting is the Legion reject, Floyd Belkin, Arms Fall Off Boy. Floyd can detach his arms and use them as weapons. Did Floyd let the rejection hinder his advancement as a hero? No, he joined the Heroes of Lallor as the hero, Splitter.

When we are creative we are often given a surprise. The surprise could be a feeling of accomplishment or it could be the acceptance gained from a friend (or stranger) that appreciates our efforts. The unfortunate thing is that when the word “Creativity” is used people immediately think of the arts. But creativity can appear in many forms – a cool pair of shoes, how dinner is cooked, writing a simple letter or getting from one end of the basketball court to the other. Sometimes creativity is stepping out of the box. When we see something as creative we are thinking out of the box. If we want people to recognize our creativity, then we must recognize other people’s creative efforts. Today bring a surprise to someone – recognize their creativity.

Arms Fall Off Boy
First Appearance: Secret Origins, Vol. 2 #46 (December 1989), DC Comics

Creator: Curt Swan