Black Widow - Good Manners

I want my blog to attract anyone interested in Superheroes or a different type of spiritual growth. I also want the message to be open-minded and open-hearted. Not strict dogma. I know people who read my little messages will not always agree with what I say and they may even question or argue with me. I am OK with their questions and comments. The one thing I will always have in response is Good Manners.

Good Manners

“TCH, TCH, Nasty Nasty! You wouldn’t call me evil names would you? I mean – I blush at such words in mixed company.” - Black Widow*

Most superheroes are polite and have good manners but every now and then they may loose control and say a nasty word (just every now and then). But one superhero who is comfortable meeting queens or cussing with the bad boys is Natalia Alianovna Romanova. Natalia was a Russian ballerina and when her family was killed the Russian Government took her away. Natalia was trained to become the greatest spy of the Communist party with the code-name, The Black Widow. While on a case against Tony Stark (Iron Man) here in the states she met and fell in love with Hawkeye (Clint Barton). Natalia defected to the states and left the Communist party behind. Eventually she became a superhero with a utility belt and “spider stingers.” She joined and led the Avengers, Champions, Marvel Knights and the Lady Liberators. But once she defected side she changed her name to Natasha (an informal version of Natalia) and anglicized her name to Romanoff but kept her code name The Black Widow.

Those of us from the South understand good manners and being polite. Our mothers always reminded us to “kill them with kindness.” It is true, saying please and thank you will carry us a long way. Saving the dirty jokes and cussing for the private more intimate parties will make a lasting impression. The boss and the sales clerk don’t need our fowl words. When dealing with others cussing at us, we smile and say, “please don’t cuss we can settle this without nasty words.” Believe it or not people remember good manners. Good manners do not mean being a victim. Standing up for our selves does not mean cussing and swearing. We can get our messages across firmly yet kindly, using the words “please” and “thank you”.  

Black Widow
First Appearance: As a Russian Spy, Tales of Suspense #52, April 1964

Second Appearance: As a Superhero, The Amazing Spider-Man #86, July 1970
Creator: Stan Lee (plot), Don Rico (script as N. Korok) and Don Heck (art) 

* “LIFE Be Not Proud!” DareDevil (& the Black Widow) #106, Dec. 1973