Blue Beetle - Loosen Up

My true laugh is loud and obnoxious. I don’t care, I love my laugh. I love laughing. I love having a rip roaring kiki with my Good Judys. People comment on my good health – I attribute that to how often I laugh loudly.

Loosen Up

“Spare us the humor, Beetle. This is serious business.” – Batman

“Isn’t it always? Just once, I’d like to rush off to save the world – and have it be a Gay, Madcap, Escapade!” – Blue Beetle *

Superheroes carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Saddled with saving the world every single day. Don’t they ever get to have fun? Well, Ted Kord has fun as the Blue Beetle. Ted was an archeology student on assignment in Egypt. Through a series of events he met the original Blue Beetle – Dan Garret, and was given the magical “Blue Scarab” to carry on the mantle and heroism of the Blue Beetle. Ted Kord uses his brilliant mind to create wonderful inventions, and superpower vehicles to get his job done. No matter how serious the situation when appropriate the Blue Beetle will find a moment to laugh and loosen up. With friends like Booster Gold, Batman, Guy Gardner, and Mr. Miracle it’s easy to find things to laugh at – on occasion.

Just once it would be fun to have a gay madcap escapade. To not be burdened or have the world heavy on our shoulders. We can be free for just a moment all we must do is laugh. Laughter loosens the stress, frees the mind and rests the shoulders. We as humans tend to become stressed and obsessed with work or events. We get sick, emotional, sore and constipated because of stress. Our grandmothers used to say, “Laughter heals.” It’s true. Laughter will relax muscles, release the emotions and soften the bowels. Go ahead let go loosen up and – LAUGH!  

The Blue Beetle
Original Appearance: Dan Garret, Fox Feature Syndicate 1939  

Second Appearance: Ted Kord, Captain Atom #83 Charlatan Comics 1966 

Creators: Charles Nicholas 

 * “Meltdown” Justice League #3, July. 1987