Scarlet Witch - Souls

The power in my life is LOVE. When I was going to some hard times and needed help it wasn’t religion or prayers that came to my rescue. It was people. It was a group of people that said, “Richard you are in trouble and we will love you until you can stand on your own.” It was never their prayers that helped - it was their actions. It was how they treated me. It was how they walked with me. It was how they loved me. These very same people love me today. Through their love I found my LOVE. I learned how to share my LOVE and help others. When I am in trouble it is not my prayers and mantras or meditations that save me. It is the LOVE in my life. I find someone that loves me – I share with them what’s going on in my life and I listen to them about their life. We walk together. Actions speak louder than words. Just don’t speak LOVE get up and show LOVE.


“Don’t you see love is for souls, not bodies?” - Scarlet Witch*

Wanda Maximoff and her brother Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) are the children of the mutant terrorist Magneto. Wanda and Pietro was raised by a bovine woman, Bova, on mount Wundagore. Being a mutant Wanda naturally looks at people as separate beings without judgment. Wanda learned to accept people no matter their race, greed, color, human, mutant or alien. They have had a hard time living with their father’s terrorist acts. At one time they helped in his terrorism. Eventually the two reformed and became heroes with the Avengers. Wanda’s ability as the Scarlet Witch can affect probability. This power appears to be magic based but it is within her mind. If she can think it then it will happen. Wanda met and fell in love with the synthezoid and long standing Avengers member, Vision. Vision always worried if she could love a “robot” or “android”. She quelled his suspicions by returning his love.

“Love is for souls not bodies.” Wanda Maximoff is so wise. She takes a simple statement and uses it as a sword. Cutting away everything to just the bare essentials.  Now we are asked to define Love. There is no need for a Webster Dictionary definition. Love is a feeling. Love is an energy that can be felt, seen heard, smelt and tasted. No matter what our definition of “love” is we can agree that the deep feeling of love is not for bodies to express. We are more than just bodies we have a life force, a living force. We have a loving force. We are all spiritual beings – we have a spirit. Could that force, spirit or spark of magic be LOVE? The true power is LOVE.

Scarlet Witch
First Appearance: X-Men #4 (March, 1964)

Creators: Stan Lee (plot & script), and Jack Kirby (art)

* “Let All Men Bring Together”, Giant-Size Avengers, #4, May 1975, Marvel Comics