Shazam - I Can Be A Friend

If you gave me a choice to hang out with Superman, Batman or Shazam (Captain Marvel) I would choose Shazam. Because I could always relate to Billy Batson more than Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. Clark and Bruce always seemed self-centered and grandiose. Where Billy seemed more concerned with the people around him. Billy cared about what really mattered. Everyone was Billy’s friend.

I Can Be A Friend

“Trips under the ocean and flights through the air might not always be the answer. But I can be a friend who will visit when another friend is lonely. I can provide another voice to laugh with.” - Billy Batson / Captain Marvel*

The ancient wizard Shazam needed a hero to fight in the eternal battle of good and evil, so he found young good hearted and orphaned Billy Batson. When Billy speaks the Wizard’s name, “Shazam!” he is instantly transformed into Captain Marvel. With the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury, Captain Marvel sets out to do works of good against the darkness of evil. Never forgetting he is a child at heart Captain Marvel has the Hope of a child. This is the true source of his power.

We all need friends. It does not hurt to think of friendship again and again. Billy Batson’s realization can go a long way. No matter what we do as a job or sports or art, nothing compares to being there for a friend. These thoughts maybe child like or cliché but the truth of the matter is we need friends. Call or visit a friend today!

Captain Marvel /Shazam / Billy Batson
First Appearance: As Captain Thunder, for Whiz Comics #1, 1939, Fawcett Comics

Second Appearance: As Captain Marvel, for Whiz Comics #2, Feb. 1940, Fawcett Comics

Third Appearance: As Shazam, for Shazam! #1, Feb. 1973, DC Comics

Creators: Bell Parker (plot), C.C. Beck (art)

*Shazam! Power of Hope, November 2000, DC Comics