Little Boy Blue - Fairness

Working with children keep me on my toes. Every little thing can be about fairness. I am always repeating the rules to games and activities. We follow the rules and in rare moments when we must deviate from the rules everyone involved must be willing to change. This is where the peacemaker plays a role. Those students who decide to be a peacemaker will be praised and congratulated. It has slowly started that whoever is the peacemaker the other children will show them gratitude. The other day, a group of two boys wanted to sit at a table of girls for lunch – a small argument was brewing. One of the boys said let’s be peacemakers and move to another table. The girls said, “thank you!” Another group of boys said, “you guys can eat with us!”

Little Boy Blue

“Introducing, in this issue, the story of a typical American boy and his two pals, here they are regular American boys with a sense of fair play and justice; boys who hate crime and are willing to fight those who live under its piratical flag. Follow Little Boy Blue as he blows his own horn and brings the walls of Jericho down on men of evil.” *          

Tommy Rogers overhears his father, District Attorney Dan Rogers, talking about the issues of crime in their city. After talking to his friend Tubby, they find matching blue costumes (Tommy wears red boots and gloves) and call themselves Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. They become great little scrappers and bring many villains to justice. Eventually, Little Miss Redhead will join the group.

Children just have a natural sense of fairness, what is right and what the rules are in a game. Young children are accepting and forgiving of everyone. However, children are influence by the adults around them. We were all typical children. Think back to childhood. Children need order, acceptance, schedules and everything needs to be “Fair”. We should try as adults to be like those fair children again. Trying to be fair and accepting is a great way to fight crime.

Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys
First Appearance: Sensational Comics #1(January 1942)

Creators Bill Finger (writer) and Jon Blummer (artist)

 * “Little boy Blue”, Sensational Comics #1(January 1942)