Havok - One Tribe

I believe that we are all one people. We all have the same feelings and the same problems. At some point in the day we all must go to the restroom. The only difference is culture and what part of the wonderful world we are from. Spiritually we all seek the same goals we just reach them from a different path. In my quiet moments I can picture a person somewhere in the world with the same problems and issues I have. For a moment I am not alone.

One Tribe


“We are all Humans, of one tribe. We are defined by our choices not the makeup of our genes.”               Havok*


Alexander Summers was on vacation with his father (Christopher Summers), mother (Katherine Summers) and brothers (Scott Summers). Their mother was pregnant with a third son Gabriel. The plane was attacked by an alien Shi’ar Starship. Chris and Katherine tied Scott and Alex to a parachute and jettisoned them from the plane hoping they would be safe. The two boys grew up in an orphanage. Alex was adopted quickly but Scott grew up alone in the orphanage. In college, Alex learned that his brother Scott was Cyclops of the X-Men and also soon joined the team, taking the codename Havok. He used his ability to absorb cosmic energy and send it back out as strong energy blasts. He is immune to Cyclops energy blasts. He and Scott would fight often. The rift between the two brothers drove Alex to leave the team with his lover, Lorna Dane (Polaris), second daughter of Magneto. Alex admired Charles Xavier and his teachings and soon returned to join many several mutant teams. Soon to bring peace to all peoples Alex joined the Avengers.

How many different types of people are there? There are hundreds really, maybe even in the thousands. We are all people, we are all humans and we are all earthlings. No matter what, the small boy in Moscow, the soldier in Bagdad, the mother in New York and the little girl in San Juan all have a brain, a heart, a liver…etc. We all started as babies with the same needs and feelings. We still no matter what have the same emotions and concerns. Here is a challenge – the very next person on the street think “what were they like as a child?” Then try to picture them growing up – what was their life like? All of it does not matter, names, the genes or the needs we are all one people. Bob Marley says it correctly, “One Love! One Heart! Let's get together and feel all right. Hear the children cryin' (One Love!); Hear the children cryin' (One Heart!)…”

Havok (Alex Summers)
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Me, vol. 1 #54 (March 1969), Marvel Comics

Creators: Arnold Drake, Don Heck & Neal Adams 

 *”Let The Good Times roll”, Uncanny Avengers, vol. 1 #5 (May 2013), Marvel comics