Miss Martian - Recover & Adapt

Sometimes we do have to recover and adapt. Being a teacher can be a very difficult job. One of my favorite principals used to say, “a teacher can make more than a thousand decisions in one class period.” If a teacher is surveying the class and the students. No wonder teachers get tired. I do not want to make another decision when I get home. After I drink some water and go to the restroom or take a shower I can relax and decide about dinner. We all have rough jobs and we all get tired but it is how we recover and adapt that makes our work days tolerable.

Recover & Adapt

“…Every mission takes an unexpected turn, we recover and adapt that’s rule one.” - Miss Martian*                         

Some superheroes aren’t even from Earth, they come from other planets. Such is the case of M’Gann M’Orzz (Megan Morse).  M’Gann is a white Martian sent to the Vega system during the civil war between the Green and White Martians on Mars. Very little is known how she arrived on Earth.  Like all Martians, M’Gann is able to shapeshift and so on our planet she adapted her color to green and pretended to be a relative of Martian Manhunter, a green Martian and calling her, Miss Martian. When eventually the truth of her true form was realized Miss Martian recovers her original form and joined the Teen Titans for a time.

Teachers create lesson plans and set out using these plans to teach their students. Each lesson needs to be adapted to the needs of every student. The master teachers during the lesson will find a glitch, recover the plan and adapt to meet the needs of the students. We can do the same thing. If trees have fallen on the bike trail, don’t just give up adapt - change the direction or trail and continue your exercise. You’re out of lemon juice for your special vinaigrette dressing – use the orange juice instead. We may not have shapeshifting abilities but we can recover, adapt and change. It is about flexibility and an open-mind to change.

Miss Martian
First Appearance: Teen Titans vol. 3, #37, DC Comics (2006)

Creators: Geoff Jones (writer) and tony Daniel (art)

* “Beneath”, Young Justice: Invasion, airing, May 26, 2012 on Cartoon Network, voiced by Danica McKellar