Billy Batson - Be Good

“A positive attitude will bring positive result” is one of my mantras. I remind myself of this often. I can get bogged down with negativity. I try to keep a positive attitude. To get out of negativity I try to think of LOVE. I think about showing love to people, I start looking for love in situations and I listen for words of love. For me that works. Another thing I do to get out of negativity is try to show gratitude where ever possible.

Be Good

“Be good and good will follow…” - Billy Batson*

Orphan and Homeless, Billy Batson, through a series of events finds the wizard, Shazam. The wizard has chosen Billy to be the Champion of man against the 7 Deadly Enemies of Man: Envy, Lust, Greed, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, and Gluttony. All Billy needs to do is speak the wizard’s name, which is an acronym for the six great Mythological figures. S - for the wisdom of Solomon, H - for the strength of Hercules, A - for the stamina of Atlas, Z - for the power of Zeus (which enhances all Billy’s other physical abilities and allows for interdimensional travel), A - for the courage of Achilles (which would include invulnerability from ancient mythology), M - for the speed of Mercury (and, by extension, the power to fly). So, whenever Billy speaks SHAZAM! He becomes Shazam, the Champion of Good.

We have heard Billy Batson’s words before they are nothing new. Here we can just use it as a reminder -- “A positive attitude will bring positive results.” In comic books there is the fight between good and evil. But truly the “good fight” takes place inside. All we need to do is look for Good and we will find Good. In every situation you can find something “Good”. All you need to do is look.

Billy Batson – Captain Marvel/Shazam!
First Appearance (as Captain Marvel): Whiz! Comics #2, Fawcett Comics, February 1940

Creators: C.C. Beck (story), and Bill Parker (art)

 * “DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam” Warner Brothers, 2010

Zach Callison (voice of Billy Batson)