Virtue - Be An Adventurer

My day is how I make it. If I feel as if my day is drudgery, then I will drag myself through the day. I have a choice today. Abraham Lincoln said it best, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I have a choice to be happy and have an adventure or be sad and drudge along the path. Today I will be happy do the best I can and have a good day.

Be an Adventurer

“I wanted to keep that original spirit and be an adventurer…” - Gail Simone*

In Coral city, in the Tweens (between 10 and 20th Streets) is an abandoned factory called the Sweatshop. A group of young people witnessed two police men sexually harassing a suspect. This group kids, wearing masks, recorded the incident and leaked it to the press. These kids took over the “Sweatshop” and formed a “Movement”. Each member of the movement possesses certain gifts that allowed them to protect the Tweens. Their leader, Holly, code-named Virtue has the ability to ride through peoples’ emotions, understanding their motives.

Life is many things. Every single one of us can come up with a different definition of life. Life is living. When we wake up each day we are given the opportunity to go out and have a good day. We often hear, “live life to its fullest!” There is nothing wrong with looking at life as one big adventure. Are all aspects of the adventure good and fun – NO! Will we have hardships? Will there be difficulties? Will we dance and sing? Will we travel to wonderful places? We just have the ability to look at life the way we want to look at life. It is all how we perceive life. We have the choice, a humdrum drudgery or a madcap adventure. Keep that original spirit and have an adventure.

First Appearance: The Movement, #1 (May 2013)

Creators: Gail Simone (writer) Freddie Williams II (art)

* “Wonder Women!” Documentary, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Vaquera Films, 2013