Legion of Superheroes - Pledge

What are pledges? For me a pledge should be a promise. When I make a promise, I try to keep that promise. I’ve made some important promises in my life. Some I have kept and some I have failed at keeping. For those failed promises I have tried to make amends where possible.


“To the Legion of Superheroes, I make this solemn pledge to use my powers for good. To fight for justice and to protect the innocent. To aid my fellow Legionnaires in times of peril and to keep their secrets safe.” - Legion of Superheroes Pledge *                   

The 30th Century will bring some wonderful surprises. There will be inhabited planets with some interesting beings, a United Planets Federation and a Legion of Superheroes. RJ Brande the richest man of the 30th Century was rescued from an attempted kidnapping by three young people, Imra Ardeen, Rokk Krinn and Garth Ranzz. For his appreciation he created and funded the Legion of Superheroes. Those three young people became the founding members Saturn girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad. The Legion invites beings to become members in hope to bring peace to the universe and to help The United Planets Federation.

Americans say the “Pledge of Allegiance”. What does it mean to make a pledge? According to Webster’s Dictionary a “pledge” is a promise to do something or not to do something. So, a pledge is a “promise”. If I promise someone I am going to be on time, then I am pledging to be on time. We are talking about “promises”. To make a promise is a good thing. We are then promising to move forward and succeed. To make a promise builds self-esteem. We become better people when we act on our promises. We build integrity building stronger bonds between our beliefs and actions.

Legion of Superheroes
First Appearance:  Action Comics #247 (April 1958)

Creators: Otto Binder (writer), Al Plastino (art) 

* Legion of Superheroes, The CW Network, Series September 23, 2006 – April 5, 2008