Sheena, Queen of the Jungle - Say What You Mean

I’m keeping with the Jungle theme today. These jungle stories can be clear and precise. I liked the movie, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. I still get laughed at, but I don’t care. I knew she was a comic character, but I couldn’t find her comics. What I did find was some of her covers from her comics. The covers were beautiful. Now if you’re lucky to find an original Sheena, Queen of the Jungle comic, it is expensive.

Say What You Mean

“Say what you mean stop using words you know I do not understand.” - Sheena, Queen of the Jungle *

After her parents died while on safari in the African Jungles, Sheena was raised by the Shaman of an African Tribe. Sheena was trained to communicate with the animals, she also was trained in the Shaman arts and she is a master of hand to hand combat using surprise moves. She may not understand many things from modern urban dwellers but the simple ways of the jungle is her language.

We often think the largest vocabulary will make us look smart and well spoken. Flowery words just sound good. If there is a message to convey the simple approach is best. Let’s refer to the Tao, chapter forty-five, “Great straightness seems twisted. Great intelligence seems stupid. Great eloquence seems awkward.” * It is natural to stammer when saying something important so keeping it simple will release the need to search for the “right words”. The more simple our language the less questions are asked. Master teachers recognize this for their students. Teachers speak in words that all students can understand. Keep the message clear distinct and simple.

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
First Appearance: Wags #1 (1937) UK; Jumbo Comics #1 (Sept. 1938) USA.

Creators: Will Eisner and Jerry Iger

* “Sheena”, film by Paul Aratow, John Guillermin (director) David Newman (story), Leslie Stevens (story), Tanya Roberts (actor), Columbia Pictures 1984

* (translation by Gia-fu Feng & Jane English),