Vision - Be More Human

I’ve always liked the Vision. I liked his desire to be more human most. In a sense he was more human than most other Avengers, even though he was not a physical human. But he was created with the human brain patterns of Simon Williams, Wonder Man. He didn’t have the human soul, but he was able to eventual develop love for Wanda Maximoff and the two were married. Even though that is pure fantasy it is meaningful to a person that is not accepted by the “normal human” standards and told daily they'll never find love. Let me say this, for all humans there is love out there for you. No matter what other “normal humans” say, you will find people who love you. Show them your love and they will show their love in return.

Be More Human

“Ultron created me to be perfect. He thought that meant less human. I wish to be perfect. But I believe that means to be more human.” - Vision*

Dr. Hank Pym developed and created a sentient robot, Ultron, who would become evil and continually try to destroy all human life. Ultron would create an android or “synthezoid” based on the brain functions of Simon Williams (Wonder Man) and the android body of the original Human Torch. The “Synthezoid would infiltrate Avengers Mansion to destroy Hank Pym (Ant/Giant Man) and the rest of the Avengers. This would allow Ultron to conquer the world. Ultron’s ultimate mistake was using the brain patterns and the body of heroes. The Synthezoid found it difficult to complete the mission and broke free of the Ultron’s commands. This “synthezoid” became the Vision, a trusted member of the Avengers. One of the Visions functions was to understand what it meant to be “Human”. He would take the name Victor Shade and eventually marry the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff.

What does it mean to be human? Humans are emotional beings. Humans are spiritual beings. Humans are sentient beings. We seek community and relationships. Our range of emotions is a good thing to feel. Being human means there is always hope. Humans always have Hope in their thoughts.  The positive side of humanity outweighs the negative.  We have relationships and we learn how to be human in these relationships. So it doesn’t matter if the person is black or white, from Japan or Mexico, gay or straight we are all going to be human with the same emotions and feeling and needs. We all eat, sleep, breathe and poop. May be recognizing that ALL humans have the same emotions and feelings will make it easier to accept all humans as…human.

Vision (Victor Shade)
First Appearance: The Avengers, #57 (October 1968), Marvel Comics

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer) John Buscema (art)

* “Ultron Unlimited”, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Avengers” Season 2, episode #17, airing June 13, 2012, Marvel, Disney Television