Night Girl - Fix It!

One of the most interesting characters is Night Girl, from the Legion of Superheroes. She has a major flaw in her powers. She never let that stop her. She found ways around the flaws. The thing I always liked was she never saw herself as “flawed”. She accepted herself and loved herself. The flaw in her powers made her special.

Fix It!

“That’s ridiculous – Maybe something’s gone wrong …Let’s find out what the problem is and fix it.”   Lydda Jath*

Some Superheroes have major flaws in their powers, but they do the best they can anyway. For example, Lydda Jath from the 30th Century. She always wanted to join the Legion of Superheroes, to be a hero and be close to Rokk Krinn, Cosmic Boy, her one true love. Lydda is from the sunless planet Kathoon and her father developed a vitalizing ray beam that would give her super strength. But once she reached Earth she found that in bright light or Sun light she was powerless. She did try to join the Legion using the nocturnal twist to her power calling herself Night Girl. Poor Lydda was rejected. Did this stop her – No! She became a founding member of “The Legion of Substitute-Heroes” and became a hero on her own. Eventually, Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn, did take notice of her. Here is a superhero that turns her “lemons into lemonade.”  

We may throw the broken coffeepot or the broken DVD player away but if it is a “necessity” we will get the object fixed? If we don’t like the “Spinach Dip Green” in the living room, we may change the color to “Cafe Latte Brown.” If we think we need a change get a new haircut or go buy those funky shoes. Of course, we cannot “fix” other people, that’s impossible. But if the walls need painting, paint. If new shoes are needed, the shoe store is around the corner. If we’re in a bad mood, get a new attitude. Remember a positive attitude will bring positive results. If there is a problem, find the problem and fix it.    

Night Girl
First Appearance: “The Legion of Substitute Heroes!” Adventure Comics #306, March 1963

Creators: Edmond Hamilton (script), and John Forte (art)

 * “Those who will not learn the lesson of history…” Cosmic Boy #1 (4 Issue Miniseries), Dec 1986