Huntress - Line of Ethics

I'm a big fan of the Huntress, Helena Bertinelli. Simply because she is a teacher in her secret identity and one of her main goals is to protect children. Another thing I like about the Huntress’ story lines is that she is often brought to a line of ethics. Does she kill, or does she protect? Does she take the easy path or is the more difficult path the greater victory?

Line of Ethics

“Call it a line of ethics. On one end is Captain Marvel, Superman. Guys like that. On the other, Joker, Luthor. We’re both in the big, stupid gray area in the Middle.” - The Huntress *

Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of a Mafia godfather. When Helena was five years old her family was murdered at the dinner table in front of her. She was then raised by the rest of her Mafia relatives and trained to be her family’s vengeance. However, Helena did not become the vengeful killer. She took her lessons, her pain, her suffering, and turned it into heroism. She is a protector of children, as Gotham City’s Huntress. According to the law the Huntress walks a fine line between Heroism and Vigilantism

Actions, views and conversations are always placed on a black and white scale. However, many of these falls in the gray area. What is white? White in terms of paint is the absence of all color. That seems depressing. That is not very becoming. That makes Black the presence of ALL color. That seems chaotic. Not very pleasant either. Colors, when photographed in black and white will appear gray. Gray can be the balance of black and white. Find the balance between extremes. When we can work together then there is balance and peace.

The Huntress
First Appearance: As Helena Wayne, DC Super Stars, #17, Dec. 1977

Second Appearance: As Helena Bertinelli (current persona), The Huntress #1 Apr. 1989

 * “Which Reason Knows Not Of” Birds of Prey #11, June 2011