Black Condor - Powerless

There are times that I get drained - physically, spiritually and emotionally. I feel powerless in those moments. When I’m in situations like that I typically try to do whatever there is in front of me to be done. It may be clean the kitchen or go offer help to someone or be sure to focus on my journaling or meditation. I really try to keep things simple. Then I find I do have power.


“I may not have my powers. But I am far from powerless.” - Black Condor*

Over the years there have been many Black Condors. The first Richard Grey was raised by a race of super intelligent Condors. The Second Ryan Kendall became Black Condor after a series of scientific experiments on him by his Grandfather. The third, John Trujillo, gained his Black Condor from the Mayan Goddess, Tocotl. Each has had the power of flight, strength, speed and agility but their other gifts may have been Telekinesis or the ability to control the wind and earth. No matter the time or period in history each Black Condor has eventually became a member of Uncle Sam’s “Freedom Fighters” defending America from villainy.

There are times we feel powerless over of a situation. If we think about it a bit we are never “powerless”. There is always enough energy to do what is in front of us to do. There is always someone to turn to ask help from. There is always a spiritual remedy to accept. The Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Balance can help us find the “power” to solve any situation. In difficult situations we may not know the answer and all we can do is what is in front of us to do (Physical) or we may have to turn to someone to get help (Emotional) and if the situation is bleak enough we will turn to the Spiritual seeking a quiet place to meditate or pray. We may not have “Super Powers” but we are never “Powerless”.  

Black Condor (Richard Grey Jr., Ryan Kendall and John Trujillo)
First Appearance: (Grey) Cracked Comics, #1 (May 1940), Quality Comics

Second Appearance: (Kendall) Black Condor, #1 (June 1992), DC Comics

Third Appearance: (Trujillo) Freedom Fighters, #3 (November 2006), DC Comics

Creators: (Grey) Will Eisner, Lou Fine, (Kendall) Brian Augstyn, Rags Morales, (Trujillo) Jimmy Palmotti, Justin Gray, Daniel Acuna 

* “American Nightmare”, The Freedom Fighters, #5, May 2011, DC Comics