The Avenger - Sacrifice

Sacrifices are a part of life. We all make sacrifices. It’s what we do with the sacrifices that is important.


“My sacrifice of the Star-Jet was well worthwhile!” - The Avenger*

In the 1950s, Roger Wright a brilliant and revolutionary scientist designs a new jet, the Star-Jet. The Russians learned of this jet and set to steal the plans. After kidnapping Wright’s brother, Roger Wright dons a red clad uniform and attempts to rescue his brother. Although the plans were saved Wright’s brother was not. Roger Wright develops the hero, the Avenger, to right the wrongs and to protect the innocent. 

When we think of sacrifice automatically we think of a martyr. But sacrifice does not need to be so dramatic. Sacrifice is just giving something up or letting something go. To Eastern Philosophies moving forward means leaving something behind. The gaining knowledge means losing ignorance. We sacrifice time for family, friends and work. Choosing not to argue is a sacrifice. Choosing to forgive a wrong is sacrifice. Remember a caterpillar sacrifices to become a butterfly or the mighty oak sacrifices the comfortable acorn to become a tree.

The Avenger (Roger Wright)
First Appearance: The Avenger, #1 (March 1955), Magazine Enterprises

Last Appearance: The Avenger, #4 (August 1955), Magazine Enterprises

Creators: Gardner Fox (writer) dick Ayers (art)

* “The Avenger”, #0, 1996, AC Ashcan Edition, AC Comics, reprint of “The Metal Menace”, The Avenger, circa 1955, Magazine Enterprises