Doc Savage - Inspire Someone

As an artist it is important for me to show my work. I have no problem doing that. I sit back thinking am I being grandiose – probably. But I’ve done all this work why not show the world? I’m not trying to be better than anyone else. I’m trying to be better. I practice craft daily. I take inventory of my abilities and actions trying to grow as a person, artist and teacher. Showing my work allows me to see it from a different perspective – then I am able to refine and hone my craft. I am just trying to be better.

Inspire Someone

“I am reminded of my father he used to tell me, ‘Clark, the best work you can do is to inspire someone else to be like you. Be the best you can be by making those around you better.’” - Doc Savage*                      

Clark Savage, II, better known to the world as Doc Savage, the Bronze Man, was trained and tested on by his father and a team of scientists, doctors, and other types of trainers to become the best specimen of human possible.  Doc’s whole idea was to become better and become the best he possibly could be. Through his training he has near superhuman abilities – mentally, spiritually and physically. Doc is a physician, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher and artist. Offer him the challenge and he will achieve the goal. He manages his affairs from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. He has other safe houses and offices around the world. He also has a secret fortress in the arctic. To Doc his whole mission is to be better and let the world profit from his achievements thus becoming an inspiration. 

Let’s look at the long list of Superheroes: Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Spiderman...etc. What do all these characters have in common? They want to be better, they want to help those around them, and they are inspiring. Do we know when we are inspiring? Not really - teachers try to inspire students to learn. They can inspire students to become better and try harder. Becoming better and better is a lot of work. It is difficult but we are only asked to try. The work to become better is inspiring.  Take inspiration from Doc Savage’s oath, Let me strive every moment of my life to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit by it....” **

Doc Savage
First Appearance: Doc Savage Magazine #1 (March, 1933), publisher, Street and Smith

Creators: Lester Dent, Henry Ralston & John Nanovic 

* ”First Wave”, #6, March 2011

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