Firestar - A Regular Life

I am grateful each day. I wake up, suit up and show up. It may seem boring or the humdrum life but I am able to take care of myself and I am happy. I am grateful for my simple existence. I like my regular life.

A Regular Life

“And then again, who needs stupid super powers when I can just live a regular life like anyone else?” - Angelica “Firestar” Jones*                                                                                          

Some superheroes are born with powers, they are called Mutants. Many mutants do not want their powers. All they want is to live a “regular life”. Angelica Jones microwave based powers manifested when she was young and immediately was thrown into the spot light. She became the hero Firestar. Angelica has teamed with Spiderman, the X-Men, the New Warriors and the Avengers. All she ever wanted was to live a regular life. Her main sources of pleasure are spending time attending college and with her friends Hellcat, Proton and Black Cat. When it was discovered that her mutant radiation powers were giving her cancer Angelica did what any normal person would do – she fought the cancer.

What is a “regular life”? We all wake up in the morning with normal things to do. Does it really matter how much money we make or what kind of a car (if any) we drive? We are all going to wake up, eat, work and sleep again. Let’s look at the contradiction of Angelica’s story. All she wanted was a “regular life” – the pleasure of attending college and having friends. She even acquired a very human issue, cancer. There’s the contradiction. Cancer is NEVER regular. Those of us who suffer from cancer and have beaten cancer would not say it was regular. We should cherish each day that is “regular”. Cherish each day that we wake up, eat, work and sleep again.

Firestar (Angelica Jones)
First Appearance: Spiderman & His Amazing Friends, TV Show (September 1981), NBC

First Comic Appearance: Spiderman & His Amazing Friends, (December 1981), Marvel Comics

First Continuity Appearance: Uncanny X-Men, #193 (May 1985), Marvel Comics

Creators: Dennis Marks, Dan Spiegle, Christy Marx, John Romita Sr, Rick Hoberg and Kathy Garver

* “I am Therefore I Think”, The New Warriors, Volume 1, #3 (September 1990), Marvel Comics