Mister Miracle - Don't Quit Before the Miracle

Today for some reason I’m remembering times that I felt hopeless and people would say “don’t quit before the miracle.” I always found it cliché and useless. Then it occurred to me that’s just another way of saying “there’s always hope,” and I’m all about hope. I truly appreciate the people that remind me to hang on just a few moments longer.

Don’t Quit Before the Miracle

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! …Once more I am among you! Mister Miracle has returned!” - Mister Miracle*

There are two planets in a distance galaxy always at war. One the home of the New Gods – New Genesis. The other Apokolips, home for the evil Darkseid and his minions. A dark pack was made for peace; the rulers of both planets exchanged their sons – to be raised on each planet. Orion son of Darkseid went to New Genesis and Scott Free the High-Father’s son was raised on Apokolips. Scott Free was the New God of freedom and escape. He was raised in all manners of horror, traps, and evil by the sadistic Granny Goodness. Scott was always hopeful, caring and innocent, totally different for Apokolips. He eventually escaped to Earth with his one true love Big Barda and became Mister Miracle the best and foremost escape artist. Not only can Mister Miracle escape any dark situation, impossible trap, or inescapable problem he escapes with his hope, freedom and innocence still intact. 

Don’t quit before the miracle! OK, enough said, let’s go home. No matter how dark the situation, impossible the odds or inescapable the problem there is always hope and there will always be a miracle. Don’t give up! The problem will be solved, the situation will end, and the odds will change. The solution is not the miracle. The miracle is holding on until the end. The miracle is when we are at your last knot in the rope and the situation finally changes and we’re amazed at how well we held to the end. The true miracle is realizing at the last moment there is hope and we will be free again with our innocence still intact. Don’t quit before the miracle!

Mister Miracle
First Appearance: Mister Miracle #1 Volume 1, April 1971

Creator: Jack Kirby (scripts and art)

 * “Midnight of the Gods” Mister Miracle #22, Feb. 1978