Wonder Woman - The Love of Their Enemy

Yesterday, I saw the movie "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did I get some history behind Wonder Woman but I saw a love story. All stories can be interpreted in different ways. But to truly see and understand LOVE you must have an opened-mind and heart. Our relationships do not always have to be about white picket fences and American ideals. I seek a different relationship. I have found a different relationship in Stephen. Finding LOVE and sharing LOVE is the key. Even though I am speaking of sexual love now I think LOVE can be expressed in many ways and an opened-mind and heart is the key to seek any type of LOVE.

The Love of Their Enemy

"You, and those who rule you, will face a weapon they have no defense against the Love of their enemy.” - Wonder Woman*

Diana of Themyscira, the daughter of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, and imbued with the gifts of beauty, strength, speed, and wisdom from the gods is the champion known as Wonder Woman. The Amazons of Themyscira (Paradise Island) teach peace through perfection of mind, body and spirit, but to have peace one must prepare for war. All the amazons ask is to have an open mind, an open heart, and to seek perfection. Diana, Wonder Woman, teaches us acceptance through Love. Yes she fights but she fights for Peace and Diana would much rather find a peaceful solution through Love.

Is it possible to love thy enemy – yes? It is a conscious decision to accept all people as human. We all have the same feelings, emotions and desires.  Looking at people with that thought it is much easier to have an open-mind or open-heart. When people do wrong it is because they have made a wrong decision based on emotions, desires and/or a lack of education. Try to look at all people, even the villainous ones, as a child. Picture all people as they were as children. Picture these children sitting with their mothers. Then it is easy to love. When we show “unconditional love” people seem to treat us differently. We all have a great defense and an even greater weapon – LOVE.

Wonder Woman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman, National Comics All-Star #8, December 1941

Creators: William Moulton Marston (writer), H. G. Peter (art)

*Wonder Woman, #610, “Diana’s Army”, DC Comics, June 2011