Coyotl - Heroes

My 5th graders were having a conversation about heroes. I am thinking about heroes now myself. The fifth graders and I may have to discuss what makes a hero? For me watching my heroes in real life I noticed that they all have a need to do what is right. Standing up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. They also have an innate desire to help people.


“All along, they were here. From before there was any city on this spot. Before there was any settlement at all…they were here. Heroes.” - Narrator*

The Aztecs spoke a language called Náhuatl (pronounced NAH waht l). During the Pre-Columbian era there was a man named Coyotl (pronounced coy·o·tl), he would show up in many places of the Americas hemisphere protecting the innocent. He had a magical aura about him. He was armed with a bow and arrows. He was a superb marksman. Coyotl appeared to people as a coyote-man. Many Native Americans believed he was the spirit guide Coyote. He was most often seen in the Romeyn Falls area, which would become Astro City.  

Here is a thought to meditate on today – What makes a hero? We all have heroes. They may be real life or fictional. Maybe even a combination of both. Heroes can be as different as Harvey Milk and Barack Obama or Wonder Woman and Captain America. However, all heroes have something in common. What is that commonality? Do heroes stand-up for what is right? Do heroes have a specific voice to be heard? Are they martyrs? Can heroes perform miracles or great feats of strength? Are heroes famous? Can a hero be the little old lady down the street? No matter the ability or strength, sports, sexual orientation, political view or spirituality ALL HEROES have something in common. Today with a friend discuss what makes a hero.


First Appearance: Silver Agent, Astro City Special, #1 (Aug. 2010), Wildstorm, DC Comics

Creators: Kurt Busiek (writer) Brent Anderson (art)

* “To Serve and Protect”, Silver Agent, Astro City Special, #1 (Aug. 2010), Wildstorm, DC Comics