Starfire - F…Free?

The Catalan Independence has me thinking of Freedom. The freedoms I take for granted, but also what freedom means to me. I want to break free from the idea that one group is absolutely correct. What works for me may not work for someone else. I do not think for a moment that my views are the best and right views. I just take what I need and leave the rest. I like to think that I am open-minded and open-hearted enough to listen to someone else’s views and allow them the freedom to have their views. I want to find my own way and let that be the right way for me.


“F…Free? What is …Free?” - Starfire*

The planet Pytharia was once a beautiful and scientific advanced world. Then it was ravaged by war. Monstrous race of the Mygorg became the victors and enslaved the Pytharians. Starfire was a young girl born into slavery. At an early age she was chosen by the Mygorg leader, Sookaroth to become one of his “chosen”. Starfire is treated like a princess but still a slave. On the eve of her 18th birthday Starfire flees her captives so not to become a bride of Sookarath. She is rescued by a martial arts priest, Dagan. Dagan trains Starfire in martial arts, swordsmanship and archery. Dagan also teaches her about freedom. Years of slavery had its toll on Starfire’s understanding. However, Dagan and Starfire, fell in love and then she began to understand freedom. Sookarath find their home. Dagan was beaten and enslaved. It was Starfire’s turn to safe Dagan but she was too late. In the silence of Dagan’s death Starfire learns the meaning of freedom and pledges to free her people from the Mygorg.

Starfire was freed so why did she have problems understanding “freedom”? We normally look at and discus freedom from a political point of view – we can vote and protest. Let us look at freedom from a different point of view an internal point of view. We are raised a certain way. We were raised with ideas and misconceptions. We can become bound to these ideas and misconceptions. We may not recognize we are bound or clinging to old ideas. Then something happens to change our thinking. It is difficult to break free from these old ideas. Sometimes it’s a lot of work to break free of old ideas – ask any recovering addict. But ask the addict with a few years recovery if it was worth it, do they feel free? The answer in most cases is “yes!” What is needed to find freedom is an opened-mind.

First Appearance: Starfire, #1 (August-September 1976) DC Comics

Creators: David Michelinie (writer), Mike Vosburg and Robert Smith (art)

* “A World Made of War”, Starfire, #1, August –September 1976, DC Comics