Power Girl - Focus

I know many people will not necessarily agree with my few points of Power Girl. If we look past her costume and sexualized art there is a strong character for girls to rally behind. Power Girl is one of those characters that have been through so many changes and different backstories. I will always think of her as Superman’s cousin from Earth 2. I choose to focus on her qualities as a strong role model.


“OOOFF! That’s what I get for letting my mind wander!” - Power Girl*

Staying focused is very important for a superhero. For Karen Starr, Power Girl, it is what she does best. Not only is she a superhero, she owns her own software company (Starware), and she is a member of her co-op board in her apartment building. Power Girl is a modern woman, strong intelligent and focused. She has very few archenemies and the enemies she does have are men. The creators of Power Girl, Gerry Conway, and Wally Wood set out to create a hero that would be an inspiration to all women. The creators were focused in their work and Power Girl is focused in her mission. 

Taoist, Deng Ming-Dao writes, “With out a strong stance, all other movements are impossible.” Making a strong stance is not necessarily becoming an immovable object, but knowing what we want and taking the appropriate steps to acquire the desire – being focused. Being focused is not a blind determination, but knowing who we are, and knowing what we want to accomplish. If we focus on success then we will work toward success. If we focus on creativity, then we must do creative things. The focus should not be our finish line. The focus should be who we are while traveling to the finish line how we get to the finish line and then finally who we are when we reach the finish line. 

Power Girl
First Appearance: Power Girl, All-Star Comics, #58, Jan./Feb. 1976 

Creators: Gerry Conway (writer), and Wally Wood (art)

 * “Threads” Power Girl Mini-series #1, June 1988