Rawhide Kid - Happy Ending

There is only one thing to say - with every ending, there is a beginning. For me today’s message is clear and easy.

Happy Ending

“Folks, one thing I Love is a Happy Ending!” - Rawhide Kid*

It was 1850 in the Wild West. Orphaned after his birth Johnny Clay was adopted by Ben Bart, “Uncle” to Johnny. Johnny then became Johnny Bart. When Uncle was murdered Johnny Bart left the farm and then started some great adventures. He met up with Two-Gun Kid, and Kid Colt. He set out to defeat western criminals like Living Totem, Red Raven and Grizzly. Through time stream experiences he solved mysteries with the Avengers and the Black Panther. Eventually the Rawhide Kid would join the Buffalo Bill’s Western Show.

Simple enough we all want “Happy Endings”. There is nothing wrong with happy endings or the desire for them. One thing to remember is with every ending there is a beginning. They go hand in hand, they balance each other. So, with happy endings there would be happy beginnings. If the ending does not seem happy maybe the beginning will be a happy one.

Rawhide Kid
First Appearance: The Rawhide Kid, #1 (March 1955) Atlas Comics/Marvel Comics

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) Bob Brown (art) Jack Kirby (penciled)

* “Beware! The Rawhide Kid”, The Rawhide Kid, #17, August 1960