Harbinger - Impractical Costume

Yesterday we had a “Pink Day” at work. It was a Breast Cancer awareness day. We could have free dress if we wore something pink. Free dress is often hard for me because I want to look professional and still have free dress. I am not the type to wear flip flops or jeans with the knees ripped to work. The unfortunate thing is we do have uniforms to wear for certain occasions and it is important to follow some rules. Being a teacher, I am treated differently by the students and parents when I do not dress with some sense of professionalism. So, what did I wear yesterday – a cute little jumpsuit with pink socks and my Adidas sneakers. I got a lot of compliments.

Impractical Costume

“She did not look like an action character, because she was wearing an impractical costume for action.” - George Perez

Harbinger, Lyla Michaels, is the associate of the Monitor, watcher of the multiverse. Harbinger can create and manipulate energy blasts, teleport through space and time, and create alternate versions of herself. She also protects an orb with the recorded history of all universes in the multiverse. She and the Monitor were influential in helping defeat the Anti-Monitor that destroyed the Multiverse. Eventually she moved to Themyscira, Paradise Island home of the Amazons. Harbinger became friend and tutor to Kara Zor-el, who will become Supergirl.

“Clothes don’t make the man.” You can’t judge a person by how they dress but we should look appropriate for our task. Would a teacher have respect if she came to work in cut-offs and a tube-top? How many eye brows would rise if a doctor came to work in a Speedo? Would the delivery man last all day in a three-piece suit? There are uniforms to wear. Ask a lawyer that wears a suit everyday – he will probably have a set of winter suits and summer suits. The unfortunate thing is we all look and roll our eyes when people dress inappropriately. But honestly would you wear an evening gown to a pool for swimming? Then why wear flip-flops to a restaurant?

First Appearance: (as Lyla) New Teen Titans vol. 1 Annual #2 (July 1983)
First Appearance: (as Harbinger) Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (April 1985)

Last Appearance: Superman/Batman, Vol. 1 #10, July 2004

Creators: Marv Wolfman (writer) and George Perez (art)