Betty Clawman - You Possess the Power

Years ago, I was cutting paper shapes with a large paper cutter (not the proper use). I had the intuitive thought, “I should not be doing this I could cut my finger.” Did I listen to that powerful intuition? No, now I have a quarter inch shorter thumb. I listen to my intuition now as well.

You Possess The Power

“You possess the power within…to deal with any and all challenges ahead as you fulfill you higher purpose. Whatever fate awaits you, child…you will persevere.” - Betty Clawman*        

The Guardians of the Universe chose eight humans, the Chosen, who would eventually evolve into the New Guardians of the Universe. These individuals each had different gifts to share. The Chosen were Thomas Kalmaku, Ram, Jet, Harbinger, Gloss, Floronic Man, Extraño and Betty Clawman. Betty Clawman was an Aboriginal girl with the gift of cosmic awareness. She would share her awareness with her teammates giving them the information they needed to continue.

We all probably wish we had a person in our lives that could share the “cosmic awareness” for us. But cosmic awareness can just be intuition. We all are intuitive. We all have thoughts, “maybe I shouldn’t do that” or “I wonder what this would taste like with dates instead of raisins.”  The trick to understanding and becoming more intuitive is to go with the thought. We all have gifts and we can deal with any challenge that comes our way, if we have hope we can deal with anything. If we keep a positive attitude we will feel strong and confident. Our intuitive thoughts will also be strong and confident. Our intuitive thoughts will come more often.

Betty Clawman
First Appearance: Millennium, #2 (January 1988), DC Comics

Creators: Steve Englehart (writer) Joe Stanton (artist)

* “After-Burn”, The New Guardians, #3, November 1988, DC Comics