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The journey is a thrilling ride. The old colloquialism says, “a journey of 1,000 miles begin with one step.” But what happens at the one-thousandth step? What happens during the middle of the journey? A few years ago, 26 to be exact, I left Shreveport, Louisiana to move to Washington, DC. I changed the moment I stepped on that plane. Recently, I spent two weeks in Spain with friends. That was a life changing event for me. The journey will always create change in our lives.

Accomplish More

“I’ve always regretted that an accident short circuited my former power – so that I was no longer Lightning Lass…So perhaps I’ll be able to accomplish more as Light Lass.” - Light Lass *

Ayla Ranzz is from the farming planet Winath, where all families have twins. Those children that are not twins feel left out. Ayla and her brother Garth are twins while their older brother Mekt is not. The three siblings were traveling to visit their parents but crashed on Korbal, the lightning world. The three were attacked by lightning beast. Because of the attack the three siblings received lightning and electrical powers. Garth and Ayla joined the Legion of Superheroes as Lightning Lad and Lass. Mekt, rejecting the twins, joined the Legion of Super-villains as Lightning Lord. When Dream Girl had a vision of impending doom for the Legion she creates an elaborate scheme to protect her friends. Creating a fake electrical emergency and using the science-sorcery of Naltor (her home planet) Dream Girl tricks Ayla to lose her lightning powers. Ayla was repowered with “anti-gravity”. She is able to make things super-light or weightless. Ayla took the new name Light Lass.

Do we honestly start off on a journey and reach the end unchanged? We make good strides and we find ourselves changing – some try to fight the change. The path of a journey is meant to change. The landscape changes, the weather changes and we find different places to rest on the road. Isn’t it just natural that the journeyman will change as well? The point here is to take what is given, let it change and use it to make the accomplishments. Let the change help to accomplish more.

Lightning Lass / Light Lass
First Appearance: (Lightning Lass) “The Return of Lightning Lad", Adventure Comics #308 (April 1963), DC Comics

First Appearance: (Light Lass) “The Menace of Dream Girl", Adventure Comics #317 (Feb. 1964), DC Comics

Creators: Edmond Hamilton (writer) John Forte (art)

* “Tragedy at the Top of the World”, Legion of Superheroes, Volume 33, #278, August 1981, DC Comics