Extraño - For a Shoulder

We always need love and support. I learned a long time ago that if I need love and support – I need to offer love and support. It is only in giving that we will receive.

For a Shoulder

“For a shoulder to cry on…” - Extraño *

The Guardians of the Universe chose eight humans, the Chosen, who would eventually evolve into the New Guardians of the Universe. These individuals each had different gifts to share. The Chosen were Thomas Kalmaku, Ram, Jet, Harbinger, Gloss, Floronic Man, Extraño and Betty Clawman. The magician, Gregorio De La Vega, was chosen to be the New Guardian, Extraño. Being openly gay, Extraño was jovial and flamboyant wearing loose fitting clothes that matched his personality. Even though he had his inner demons to deal with he was always present to defeat a super-villain or offer a shoulder to cry on for his teammates.  He was stronger when offering support to a friend in need.

One way for someone to offer “Love and Support” is to be present when we cry. Even if the friend is 1000 miles away offering that shoulder through a cell phone is still a shoulder that offers support. Let’s face it we all cry. We may not openly cry but we cry on the inside. We need people beside and behind us, cheering us on and giving advice. These may be tears of sadness or tears of joy but we all cry.  A shoulder to lean on is needed whenever there are tears. True friends offer continuous love and support and will be present whenever there are tears – all we have to do is ask. However, if we want a shoulder to cry on we should be a shoulder for others. Be present in others’ lives and they will be present ours.

Extraño (Gregorio De La Vega)
First Appearance: Millennium, #2 (January 1988), DC Comics

Creators: Steve Englehart (writer) Joe Stanton (artist)

* “After-Burn”, The New Guardians, #3, November 1988, DC Comics