Morbius - Hypocrite

Many superheroes are not what the world wants them to be - pretty, morally upstanding, sexually deviant or just different. They meet hypocrites that will preach and preach but never offer help. There are people out there that say they have strong virtues, morals and principles but then you’ll find them doing the things they say are bad. These same people will tell you want is wrong and how to fix things but won’t offer the help to change. I’ve met many hypocrites in my life but what I’ve learned from them is to teach through example not preaching. I’ve learn it is better to be true to myself than make people like me or even accept me.


“You HYPOCRITE. You meddle in affairs not your own – yet refuse a genuine plea for help when it may cost you personally. You define your ethics on momentary whims. You believe yourself the good Samaritan and I the sad crazed beast – but in truth we are both monsters.” - Morbius*

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist, Dr. Michael Morbius has a rare blood disease and uses his scientific skill to cure himself. Of course there is a biochemical accident and Michael Morbius is turned into a living a vampire.  He has all the talents and abilities of vampires – flight, strength, hypnotism, healing factor and a reliance on blood for nourishment. But truly all he wants is a cure. He walks a thin line between good and evil. There are those that hunt Morbius and then there are those that seek his gifts. There are few that truly try to help him.   

Do we meddle in people’s affairs? Do we refuse genuine pleas for help if they are not on our time schedule or plan? Do we live by double standards? Are we hypocrites? For a full life, the Tao Te Ching, suggest keeping our words to ourselves and to watch our desires. When we continue to talk and be active in other matters there is no satisfying. We should be teachers sharing our knowledge by doing for others. When others ask for help offer the help but do not fix or meddle. When the job is done everybody will be glad to be finished.

First Appearance: The Amazing Spiderman, #101 (October 1971), Marvel Comics

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer) Gil Kane (art)

* “Some of Your Blood!” Morbius, the Living Vampire, Volume 1, #3, November 1992, Marvel Comics