Enchantress - Toughest Witch

Happy Halloween! Halloween was always fun for me. I loved dressing up in costumes that allowed me to be creative. I loved the creativity that came in making the costume. Figuring out how to create the costume was just as fun as wearing it. But to make the costume I had to know how to draw, paint, think three dimensional, sew and apply make-up. I had an arsenal of gifts in my tool belt to use. It’s always fun for me to see the creativity that goes into all costumes.

Toughest Witch

“When I can’t be the toughest witch in town, I settle for being the sneakiest.” - Enchantress *

June Moon, young timid artist was invited to a costume Halloween party to strange haunted castle. While exploring the castle she finds a secret passage that leads to a mysterious being that empowers her with gifts to defeat magical evils. Speaking the words “The Enchantress” the blonde mousy June is transformed into a beautiful raven haired and aggressive Enchantress. She prefers to remain the Enchantress to continue studying her craft. At one point the dark magic takes control of her and she becomes a villain but when the Spectre threatens to defeat and absorb all the magical beings of the world the Enchantress and other magicians defeat the Spectre. June Moon again becomes the Enchantress fighting for the side of light. The Enchantress is one of the founding members of the team, “Shadowpact”.

When practicing sports the trainers or coaches suggest playing against someone better that way it is a learning experience. We learn how to be better and we learn their weaknesses. When playing computer or video games we find players that seem to do really well have a “One Trick Pony” that gets played often. It is better to have an arsenal of gifts. These days when looking for a new job, businesses are looking for higher education, good communication skills, and technology experience. New employees need to be able to do many things. Look at Andy Warhol; did he just create beautiful silk-screens? No, he wrote books, made movies and managed a band. It is better to have an arsenal of gifts to develop a great talent.

Enchantress (June Moon)
First Appearance: Strange Adventures, #187 (April 1966), DC Comics

Creators: Bob Haney (writer) Howard Purcell (art)

* “The (Short) Year of Living Dangerously”, Shadowpact, #3, September 2006, DC Comics