Lockjaw - Woofity!

Growing up we had several animals as part of our family. My Brigit was my favorite. We went on many adventures together. When I became old enough to drive she went everywhere with me. A loyal pet – friend is always a wonderful companion.  


“LOVE! Woofity Woofity Bark Bark Bark. Happy Happy Love. <Pant> Play? Huh? Huh? Play?” - Lockjaw* 

Lockjaw is the Inhuman Royal Family’s pet dog. He is a huge bulldog. Lockjaw is the only animal that has been exposed to the Terrigan Mists. He can eat anything and it then becomes energy. He has super strength for a dog his size or age (no one knows how old Lockjaw is) and Lockjaw can teleport anywhere. The Inhumans use Lockjaw as transportation often. He is extremely loyal to Black Bolt and Crystal of the Inhumans. Lockjaw often goes off by himself enjoying his day but he always comes back to his Family for support, nourishment and time to play.

Animals are connected to the earth in ways we will never fully comprehend. Take time to watch a dog. They eat, they rest, they eat and they play. Dogs just seem naturally at peace with the world around them. Deer are the same way. Deer seem serene even when there is danger. The deer will scatter and then regroup to find peace and serenity. That level of peace and serenity in animals is miraculous. People say animals are dumb. Are they really dumb or are they REALLY connected to something we cannot comprehend. We all seek peace and serenity. Why is it so easy for animals? Maybe animals trust the world around them. Animals seem so trusting. Dogs are trusted friends to humans and society. No matter how a dog is treated it will be loyal and trusting to that one person that shows the animal love and compassion. The animal will be loyal to the person that takes time to play. Maybe Lockjaw has an answer for us, happy, love, and play. Woofity!

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45, December 1965, Marvel Comics 

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) & Jack Kirby (Art)

 * “Woof”, Inhumans #8, June 1999