E-Man - I Am...

I meditate and journal daily. I use the tools to examine who I am. I try to become aware of the defects but also my assets. This daily sharing stemmed from my daily journaling. I think the practice of questioning ourselves can lead us into new experiences – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I Am...

“I am and I know that I am, but who…What am I?” - E-Man*                                       

Thousands of years ago a star went nova and in its wake there was energy flung into the universe. The energy became sentient and intelligent. The Energy became aware of its self and sought others to communicate with. The Energy would travel the universe learning to copy stars and planets. The Energy meets the Brain also a sentient life form seeking to test the Ultra Weapon on Pluto, the ninth planet of the star Sol. The only way to Pluto is through Earth. The Energy ends up on Earth and becomes Earth’s defender from the Brain. Meeting exotic dancer Nova Kane, the Energy copies a Human form. His uniform has the emblem E=MC2, his powers are energy based – he can shoot blasts and change into different forms of energy but he can also transform and transmute himself and other energies. Taking the name Alec Tronn, he and Nova Kane set out on adventures protecting the Earth.

Who am I? What am I? How am I? Where am I? These are typical questions we ask ourselves often – particularly when we are younger but we never seem to fully answer them. We have learned that with new lessons come more questions. There is a how, a when, a why and a where people become who they are. A daily inventory, daily journaling, daily quiet time are good practices to use in answering such questions. Daily practices keep us in Balance, keeps us confident and keeps us on that path that we chose for ourselves. Just remember that with more answers come new questions and new lessons. The cycle is endless with new lessons something is changed – change is good. However the questions never seem to change.

First Appearance: E-Man, #1 (October 1973), Charlton Comics

Creators: Nicola Cuti (writer) Joe Stanton (art)

* “The Brain and the Bomb”, E-Man, #1, October 1973, Charlton Comics