Superwoman - I am Superwoman

This morning in my meditation I kept going back to the needs of my students. I try to focus on the needs of my students. How can I be a positive role model? How can I help them to achieve success? I try to walk with my students. My real job is the help I offer them – not the core standards, or not the new classroom management style. My real job is helping my students and fellow teachers succeed.

I Am Superwoman

“I am Kristin Wells…I am Superwoman…And I have a job to do!” - Superwoman*              

Kristin Wells is from the 29th Century and a distant relative of, Superman’s buddy, Jimmy Olsen. As a journalist, she first traveled to the 20th Century to learn the origin of the 29th Century holiday Miracle Monday. Later as a history and journalism teacher she would travel again to the 20th century to learn the secret identity of the last superhero whose identity was unknown. She brought with her an amulet that would allow her flight, teleportation, telekinesis and empathic powers.  She became involved with the battle against King Kosmos. Kristin Wells soon finds out she is in fact Superwoman, the last superhero.

We all have careers – artist, teacher, doctor, lawyer or trunk driver. Whatever the calling that is our job. Sometimes we get so caught up in our career and we forget the daily “job”. Our career should be something we like to do – our vocation. When we get caught up in the money and we search more and more we forget to enjoy the career. Thus forgetting to suit up and show up for the daily stuff. When we focus on the more we forget to say hello to people on the street, to hold the door for the kindly gentleman and we forget to call friends that might need to talk. We all have a job to do and it’s not the career. It is those little daily things that might go unnoticed – cleaning the lint filters in the laundry room, setting the table without being asked or even bringing an office mate a cup of coffee just because. These little things help other people get their jobs done. These people may end up doing the same thing for someone else. Helping other people is our real job – not the career.

Superwoman (Kristin Wells)
First Appearance: Superman: Miracle Monday, novel, 1981, DC Comics

Creators: Elliot S! Maggin (writer) Keith Pollard & Mike DeCarlo (art)

* “The Last Secret Identity”, Superman Annual, #1, 1983, DC Comics